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Last Update June 12th, 2024

Also Known As

Partnership Termination Agreement

Partnership Disbandment Agreement

Partnership Separation Agreement


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What Is a Partnership Dissolution Agreement

A Partnership Dissolution Agreement is a formal legal document that partners use to mutually agree to terminate their business relationship.

It outlines the procedures and terms for ending the partnership, including:

  • Division of assets
  • Settlement of liabilities
  • Any necessary arrangements

Dissolution of Partnership forms helps guarantee that the end-of-partnership process is handled fairly, protecting you and any partners from future disputes.

Depending on the context and the specific terms outlined in your document, the form may also be referred to as a:

  • Business Partnership Termination Agreement
  • Partnership Termination Contract
  • Civil Partnership Dissolution

Take advantage of our Partnership Dissolution Agreement template to use as a reliable foundation that helps you create your form when ending a relationship with a partner.

When to Use a Dissolution of a Partnership

A dissolution of a partnership can be brought about by a number of different reasons, from disputes to a mutual understanding.

Take a look at when you may need a Dissolution of Partnership Agreement:

  • Voluntary termination: When partners mutually agree to end the partnership, either after achieving their business goals or to pursue other opportunities.
  • One partner leaves the agreement: If a partner wishes to leave while others wish to continue the business, this document outlines the terms for their exit.
  • Disputes: Helps resolve situations where partners cannot agree on business operations or future directions.
  • Unforeseen Circumstances: If a partner dies, becomes incapacitated, or declares bankruptcy, a legal dissolution will likely be necessary.
  • Predetermined conclusion: Some partnerships are established with a specific duration or goal. This agreement can formalize the end of the partnership once those conditions are met.
  • Legal Requirements: This applies when legal or regulatory changes make the business model untenable.

Partnership Dissolution Agreement Sample

You can review our Dissolution of Partnership example below to help you create your document and understand the structure and terms of the legal form.

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dissolution of partnership example

Partnership Dissolution Agreement Requirements and Conditions

Dissolving a partnership involves a series of steps that follow both state and federal laws.

Below is a simplified table summarizing the primary state and federal requirements to legally end a partnership.

State Requirements Federal Requirements
Present a statement of dissolution (articles of dissolution or certificate of cancellation). File Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income, and mark “final return”.
Include the necessary state paperwork and pay termination fees. Make sure to submit your partnership’s final state tax return and cover any remaining taxes.
Depending on the state, file additional forms, such as a transfer of property report. Report all final income and distributions on your personal tax return, given that partnerships function as pass-through entities for tax purposes.

Here are some other requirements you should consider, and may need to meet depending on your circumstances:

  • Mutual consent: All partners must agree to the terms of the dissolution. This consensus is crucial for the validity of the agreement.
  • Public notice: Depending on state law, you may need to publish a notice of the partnership’s dissolution in a local newspaper to inform the public and potential creditors.

Our Partnership Dissolution Agreement template can help you outline the division of assets, allocation of liabilities, and any obligations for ongoing or unfinished business.

By fulfilling these requirements and creating the correct Dissolution of Partnership forms, you and your partner can set the basis for a smooth and legally sound dissolution.

Terms to Include in a Partnership Dissolution Agreement

Creating a comprehensive Partnership Dissolution Agreement is crucial to ensure a smooth and clear dissolution process, to do so you will need to include the key terms.

Below are terms to include in your document, which may change depending on your circumstances:

  • Partners details: Names, contact details, and roles of all partners involved.
  • Date of termination: The date on which the partnership officially ends.
  • Asset distribution: Allocation method for assets and liabilities among partners.
  • Winding-up process: Steps for closing the partnership’s operations.
  • Conflict resolution: Mechanism for resolving any disagreements during dissolution.
  • Confidentiality: Requirements for maintaining the privacy of business information.
  • Governing law: The legal jurisdiction overseeing the agreement.

What Are the Rights of Partners after Dissolution of Partnership?

After a partnership is terminated, such as in a Business Partnership Dissolution, you and your former partner have specific rights and obligations that include:

  • Settlement of debts: Each party is responsible for paying off all joint debts to wrap up the partnership's financial affairs.
  • Profit sharing: Any profits arising from the dissolution process must be divided among the partners as per the terms of the dissolution agreement.
  • Distribution of remaining assets: After debts are cleared, the remaining assets are distributed among you and your former partner.
  • Future business endeavors: You and any remaining partners can choose to start a new business partnership or completely cease operations.

These points help to ensure a structured and fair conclusion to the partnership, addressing both financial responsibilities and opportunities for future ventures.

Other Business Documents

There are related business documents that you can use when working with a partner or even for setting up a company.

Take a look at some forms that can be used to enhance your operations and help you avoid legal issues:

FAQs About Partnership Dissolution Agreement

To help you better understand how to create your legal document and the dissolution process, we have answered some of the most typical questions on the topic.

Review the answers below to better empower your legal journey.

How Do I Get a Partnership Agreement?

To get this legal form, you can start by using our Dissolution of Partnership Agreement template, which allows you to tailor the document to your specific needs.

However, keep in mind that while our templates provide a solid foundation and help you cover key details, we recommend consulting with a legal professional to review the final document and ensure that you meet your specific requirements.

This makes sure that your agreement is comprehensive and fully compliant with state and federal laws, and that it addresses all aspects of your arrangement.

What Are the Tax Implications of Dissolving a Partnership?

Dissolving a partnership involves several tax implications. Partners must file a final tax return with the IRS using Form 1065.

Also, any outstanding state and local taxes must be settled. As partnerships are pass-through entities, individual partners also need to report their share of any final income and distributions on their personal tax returns.

It's a good idea to consult with a tax professional to deal with these requirements effectively and ensure compliance with all tax obligations.

What Happens to Assets When a Partnership Dissolves?

After a partnership ends, the assets are distributed among you and your partners according to the terms specified in the Dissolution Agreement.

This typically involves settling any outstanding debts and liabilities first.

The remaining assets are then divided based on each partner’s share or interest in the partnership, as agreed upon.

If the agreement does not specify how assets are shared, state laws will guide the distribution process.

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dissolution of partnership example

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