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Use our Employment Verification Letter template to demonstrate your employee’s salary and employment history. Provide them with the documentation they need if they request it. 

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What Is an Employment Verification Letter

Employment Verification Letters are documents that confirm an employee works for a company and often state when the employee started and how much they earn. 

Usually, an employee requests this document from the human resources department when they are looking to rent or buy a home or take out a loan

An Employment Verification Letter goes by other names, such as: 

  • Employment Income Verification Letter

  • Employment Confirmation Letter

  • Salary Verification Letter 

By providing an employee with this letter, you can help confirm their salary and work status to a bank or landlord. 

Use our Verification of Employment Letter template to easily draft your document

What to Include in an Employment Verification Letter

The information you include in an Employment Confirmation Letter is similar to what can be found on an employment contract

Therefore, it may be necessary for your employee to sign a release of liability, as information will be in the hands of another party. 

The details you must provide in your letter include: 

  • Address of employee

  • Name and location of the individual or company requesting confirmation

  • Name of employee

  • Dates of employment

  • Job title

  • Job description

  • Current salary

These types of letters are usually not very long, and you can stick to the information above. Ensure that all of this information is clear for any reader

How to Write an Employment Verification Letter

It is essential to include all the necessary details correctly when drafting your Employment Verification Letter, whether you are the employer or the employee.  

Follow the steps below to write the Employment Verification Letter without any difficulties. 

  1. Enter the employer’s information: Add the name of the employer, or the company, along with the address where the business is located.  

  2. Include the name of the interested party: Enter the information of the individual or entity that wants to see confirmation that the employee is currently employed. If you don’t have that information, simply add “To whom it may concern.” 

  3. Add the employment information: Write the name of the employee along with their position within the company, and when they began. It is also important to add their salary information with any bonuses they receive. 

  4. Enter the Employer’s Contact Details: Add the contact information of the employer (if you are the employer, then your contact information), which means phone number and email address. 

Once you have included all of this information, you can send it to the person or company that is requesting the employee’s salary details. 

Ensure that you add all of this information without any mistakes by using our Employment Verification Letter template. 

How to Verify a Proof of Employment

To verify that you are the employer of the employee asking for confirmation, there are a few ways to do so. 

You can demonstrate that you are the employer and verify the employee’s salary with documents, such as: 

  • Pay stubs

  • Tax forms

  • Bank statements

  • Compensation Letter

It is also possible to get the letter signed by a notary if you would like it to be considered more official. However, this step isn’t necessary.

Sample Employment Verification Letter

To further clarify how to write a Salary Verification Letter, it is always a good idea to look over a written example

Follow the structure of the Employment Verification Letter sample below, to better understand how to create your document

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Employment Verification Letter Template

Other Employment & HR Forms

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Employment Verification Letter FAQs

Many people who need to write an Employment Verification Letter have some typical questions on the subject

That is why we have answered the most common questions regarding how to write this letter correctly. 

Have a look at the following answers to the most common queries regarding Employment Verification Letters.

Can I Write My Own Verification Letter?

It is certainly possible to create your own Employment Verification Letter

If you are an employer or part of the HR department, there is no need to look for outside help to create this type of confirmation letter. 

Use our Employment Verification Letter template to create your document in a matter of minutes.

Does an Employer Have to Provide Employer Verification?

There are no laws that require employers to give anyone employment verification. That does not mean employers can withhold all information. 

However, you cannot refuse to give information based on non-job-related factors such as race or gender. 

What Happens If an Employer Doesn't Respond to an Employment Verification?

If you are screening a possible tenant, or someone that you may give a loan, it’s possible that their employer doesn’t want to verify that person’s employment. 

If that is the case, you can ask the applicant for pay stubs and bank statements. 

However, if you only want to get confirmation from the employer, you can create your own letter with our template and then ask the employer to fill out the employee’s information. 

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Employment Verification Letter Template

You are only a few steps away from your own Employment Verification Letter!

Download our professional examples

Preview of your Employment Verification Letter

Company Contact Person: _________
Company Name: _________
Address: _________
Date: ____ day of ___________, 20___
Requester: _________
Address: _________

Re: _________

Dear _________,
Per your request on _________, you sought employment verification information for _________, who currently holds the position of _________. You have also provided us with a signed authorization to release such information. Accordingly, we hereby provide the following details regarding _________'s employment:
Please contact me if you have any questions.

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