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Legal Documents and Forms

We have a broad library of legal documents and forms for many different needs. Choose from our selection of legal document templates now to handle business issues, financial affairs, and much more.



Running a business requires the right paperwork. Quickly and easily prepare legal documents online for important enterprise needs with our contract generator.

Outline a plan for your business idea and persuade others to achieve your goals.

Warn a business or individual to end any abusive or illegal behavior.

Lay out the scope, key terms, and conditions of a construction project.

Draft a consulting service contract to outline the terms agreed.

Protect and define terms such as obligations and deadlines in a client-contractor relationship.

Create an agreement with a social media influencer to promote your products or services.

Establish the conditions and your intentions to enter into a future binding agreement with another party

Outline key elements of your limited liability company, such as ownership and members' financial and functional duties.

Outline key elements of your single member limited liability company, such as financial and functional duties.

Protect company business interests by preventing that employees, vendors, and contractors work for competitors.

Prevent your data from being disclosed to third parties without your consent.

Protect your new business venture and define how it will be managed.

Draft a contract to outline the terms of service agreed between two parties.

Set the rules and regulations for your website's users to follow and protect your rights.


Whether you’re working for yourself or a company legal documents are a necessity. Create vital workplace forms and contracts in minutes now with our legal document maker.

Build a legally compliant contract to employ new members in your organization.

Send a formal written offer to a job candidate to begin the hiring process.

Confirm your employee's job status and salary for an inquiry by a third party.

Notify your employer legally that you intend to leave your job with immediate effect.

Get applicant details in standardized format and improve the recruitment process in your organization.

Request permission to be away from work for a certain period of time.

Provide feedback to third parties about a person's work ethic, performance, and any other relevant information.

Notify your employer legally that you intend to leave your job.

Communicate your intention to retire to your employer with a formal written statement.

Give the school principal, as well as students and parents, the correct and formal notice of your departure.

Notify your employer legally that you intend to leave your job in two weeks.


Legal compliance is crucial in the world of finance. Help important financial transactions go ahead smoothly by completing a personalized legal form or contract for your state.

Avoid disputes when transferring ownership of ATV's and record the agreed terms.

Avoid disputes when transferring ownership of property and record the agreed terms.

Avoid disputes when transferring ownership of boats and record the agreed terms.

Avoid disputes when transferring ownership of vehicles and record the agreed terms.

Protect yourself and your customers when taking credit card payments by using a legal authorization form.

Authorize a third party to legally send money to your bank account.

Avoid disputes when transferring ownership of dirt bikes and record the agreed terms.

Avoid disputes when transferring ownership of firearms and record the agreed terms.

Avoid disputes when transferring ownership of horses and record the agreed terms.

Easily create a legally compliant invoice to receive payments on time.

Make an informal loan agreement between a lender and a borrower.

Avoid disputes when transferring ownership of livestock and record the agreed terms.

Lend funds safely by establishing the right terms and conditions for the loan.

Avoid disputes when transferring ownership of motorcycles and record the agreed terms.

Issue a legally binding note payable that lists the terms of debt.

Draft a legally binding contract if you want to sell or buy a high-value item.

Personal and Family

Create and prepare essential legal documents to properly protect your estate and take care of your family in case anything happens to you.

State your end-of-life medical treatment preferences and authorize an agent if you become incapacitated.

Build a legally binding document that you can use for multiple purposes in business, personal, and legal issues.

Get authorization from a third party to check their criminal or credit record.

Provide positive examples of a loved one's character to help them during a trial or legal dispute.

Authorize a third party to temporarily make healthcare decisions for your child.

Get a written authorization for a child to travel without a parent or guardian.

List treatments you want to be withheld if you don’t want life-saving intervention.

Authorize an agent to run your private affairs until your death, even if you become incapacitated.

Detail your wishes regarding family and property once you are no longer there.

Determine how your possessions will be managed and who will receive them after your passing.

Provide specific instructions for your end-of-life medical care when you can no longer communicate.

Give an agent the authority to make medical decisions for you if you are incapacitated.

Authorize an agent to run your private affairs such as property, finances, or medical care.

Specify in a contract what each person's property rights will be after a marriage.

After getting married, determine how assets are divided between you and your spouse in the event of a divorce.

Protect yourself from future legal claims in case of an accident, damages, or loss of money.

Allocate assets, bills, debts, child support, and other responsibilities shared with your spouse during separation.

Turn over custody of your child for a specific period of time.

Real Estate

The right legal instruments make all the difference in real estate. Create effective legal documents for managing rental properties fast now with our step-by-step contract generator.

Draft a document notifying a tenant that they must leave a rental property.

Dictate the legal terms and conditions to sell real estate and receive payments straight from the buyer.

Advise a tenant that they have missed a rental payment with a formal warning.

Advise your tenant of any lead-based paint on your rental property if it was built before 1978.

Give notice to an employee that they will be dismissed from their current position.

Create a contract to rent real estate that renews automatically on a monthly basis.

Provide enough notice to your tenant that you will not be renewing your lease agreement.

Notify the other party when a real estate property needs to be vacated.

Use this legal tool to transfer property when there is deep mutual trust amongst parties.

Provide your tenant with sufficient notice about a change in their rental fee.

Keep accurate control of rent payments and avoid disputes with your landlord or tenant.

Rent your property risk-free by choosing the correct tenant based on their application.

Create a legally safe contract to rent real estate for fixed periods of time.

Define the terms and conditions under which you are going to share a living unit with another person.

Establish duties and obligations of tenant and subtenant when renting out a room, with landlords consent.

Draft the legal terms to subrent a property to a new tenant.

Legal Document FAQs

There are a lot of legal documents to choose from when undertaking an important duty or transaction. Familiarize yourself with these crucial forms and contracts and learn more about how to create legal documents in our FAQs below.

What are Legal Documents?

Legal documents are essential forms and contracts that allow a decision or agreement to be binding in law. These papers must be written correctly and must adhere to state and federal legal standards in order to be effective and enforceable.

How to Write Legal Documents?

Writing legal documents may seem complicated at first but the process can be greatly simplified by using legal document templates online and contract generator tools. This can be used to help you ensure that all the correct wording, essential paragraphs, and clauses are included in your document and that the template is properly structured. 

Using an online tool to write your form helps save time and headaches that may come from drawing up your own contract or legal instrument completely from scratch and avoiding common mistakes that may occur. Alternatively however, it is possible to hire an attorney or lawyer to write a personalized legal document for you, although this comes with higher costs.

Where Can I Buy Legal Templates?

It’s possible to create your own bespoke legal documents online that take into account the state requirements and essential phrasing needed. Using our contract generator you can create personalized legal forms that fit with the laws where you live and that are customized with the specific details of all the parties involved. 

Alternatively, you may visit many government offices and legal document templates that may be filled in by hand. Also, a lawyer or professional legal expert can draw up a personalized form for you although this is often a more time-consuming and expensive process. 

How Does a Contract Maker Work?

Using our contract maker is a straightforward process. Simply start by choosing the state you wish to create your agreement or document in (you can also add this information later) and our step-by-step contact generator will be able to help you fill in all the key details that will be needed for your form or contract.

Once the form is completed, you will then have the option to download the document as a PDF file to print it off. If you notice any mistakes in the information you’ve provided, don’t panic. You can re-enter and edit the information on the form at any time with your user profile details provided during the creation process.