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Legal Documents and Forms

We have a broad library of legal documents and forms for many different needs. Choose from our selection of legal document templates now to handle business issues, financial affairs, and much more.



Running a business requires the right paperwork. Quickly and easily prepare legal documents online for important enterprise needs with our contract generator.

Start a persuasive business plan to get investors and partners on board.

End any abusive or illegal behavior towards a Cease and Desist Letter template.

Sets the terms of a construction project and defines the work that will be done.

Define the terms and conditions of professional consulting services or advice provided to a client.

Map out the key terms for a reliable independent contractor agreement.

Outline the structure, taxation, and ownership of a startup LLC business.

Set up a single-member LLC company for tax planning and to separate assets and liabilities.

Build a comprehensive and secure NDA to protect confidential information.

Start a brand new business venture with a thorough partnership agreement.

Draw up a contract for the provision of an important business service.


Whether you’re working for yourself or a company legal documents are a necessity. Create vital workplace forms and contracts in minutes now with our legal document maker.

Hire a new employee for a business and specify key terms of employment.

Write a Leave of Absence Letter if you need to take time away from work.

Give a positive reference for a trusted friend, colleague, or student through a Recommendation Letter

Professionally and legally provide notice that you wish to resign from your job.


Legal compliance is crucial in the world of finance. Help important financial transactions go ahead smoothly by completing a personalized legal form or contract for your state.

Formalize the purchase of a new or used all-terrain vehicle.

Formally record a sale and transfer of ownership of property with a bill of sale.

Sell your boat, watercraft, and other vessels, and protect you from fraud with a bill of sale.

Formalize a legal purchase of a new or used vehicle with the right bill of sale.

Avoid risks when taking payment through a credit card without the card.

Authorize a third (3rd) party, such as your employer, to send money to your bank account.

A Dirt Bike Bill of Sale list the terms and conditions of a purchase of a Dirt Bike.

Ensure that your gun sale is compliant with local law.

Create your own equine bill of sale for your state.

Ensure that you are paid correctly and promptly with a well-structured invoice.

Make an informal loan agreement between a lender and a borrower

Prepare a legal bill of sale for farm animals and transfers ownership.

Create a robust and comprehensive loan agreement for lenders and borrowers.

Legally record a sale and transfer of ownership of property with a bill of sale.

Outline the terms of a debt that needs to be repaid with a promissory note.

Use a Purchase Agreement if you want to sell or buy an item that is worth a lot

Personal and Family

Create and prepare essential legal documents to properly protect your estate and take care of your family in case anything happens to you.

A legal document for a multitude of purposes in either legal, personal, or business dealings.

Grants authority over a child’s healthcare decisions to a caregiver.

Get a written authorization for a child to travel without a parent or guardian.

List treatments you want to be withheld if you don’t want life-saving intervention.

Prepare for future incapacity with a comprehensive Durable Power of Attorney.

Designate how your family and possessions are cared for after you pass on.

Ensure important health care decisions are explained clearly with a Living Will Form.

A customized Medical Power of Attorney form for your individual medical affairs and necessities today.

Appoint an Agent to manage financial affairs or healthcare needs on your behalf.

A Release of Liability protects a party against future legal claims that could be made in case of an accident, etc.

Create a Separation Agreement to set the terms for a division of assets from your spouse

Simplify the writing process and leave yourself protected with the correct legal documentation when you need it most.

For any parent planning to transfer custodianship of their child for a short time.

Real Estate

The right legal instruments make all the difference in real estate. Create effective legal documents for managing rental properties fast now with our step-by-step contract generator.

Provide the written legal notice necessary to evict a tenant from a rental property.

Set the terms and conditions for the purchase of land with a land contract.

Get back any unpaid rent from a tenant using a Late Rent Notice Template.

Rent real estate with a binding lease agreement between a landlord and a tenant.

Quickly transfer or make a change on your property title with a Quitclaim Deed.

A month-to-month lease agreement offers a more flexible way for a landlord to rent to a tenant.

Essential tools for landlords to properly screen and select tenants.

Create a contract made between 2 or more people who are going to live together.

Use to notify your landlord or tenant the ending the lease agreement.

Legal Document FAQs

There are a lot of legal documents to choose from when undertaking an important duty or transaction. Familiarize yourself with these crucial forms and contracts and learn more about how to create legal documents in our FAQs below.

What are Legal Documents?

Legal documents are essential forms and contracts that allow a decision or agreement to be binding in law. These papers must be written correctly and must adhere to state and federal legal standards in order to be effective and enforceable.

How to Write Legal Documents?

Writing legal documents may seem complicated at first but the process can be greatly simplified by using legal document templates online and contract generator tools. This can be used to help you ensure that all the correct wording, essential paragraphs, and clauses are included in your document and that the template is properly structured. 

Using an online tool to write your form helps save time and headaches that may come from drawing up your own contract or legal instrument completely from scratch and avoiding common mistakes that may occur. Alternatively however, it is possible to hire an attorney or lawyer to write a personalized legal document for you, although this comes with higher costs.

Where Can I Buy Legal Templates?

It’s possible to create your own bespoke legal documents online that take into account the state requirements and essential phrasing needed. Using our contract generator you can create personalized legal forms that fit with the laws where you live and that are customized with the specific details of all the parties involved. 

Alternatively, you may visit many government offices and legal document templates that may be filled in by hand. Also, a lawyer or professional legal expert can draw up a personalized form for you although this is often a more time-consuming and expensive process. 

How Does a Contract Maker Work?

Using our contract maker is a straightforward process. Simply start by choosing the state you wish to create your agreement or document in (you can also add this information later) and our step-by-step contact generator will be able to help you fill in all the key details that will be needed for your form or contract.

Once the form is completed, you will then have the option to download the document as a PDF file to print it off. If you notice any mistakes in the information you’ve provided, don’t panic. You can re-enter and edit the information on the form at any time with your user profile details provided during the creation process.