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Brand Ambassador Contract

Prepare a customized brand ambassador contract to define the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Outline the scope, date, and payment terms of brand ambassador services. 

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Last Update May 13th, 2023


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What is a Brand Influencer Contract

An influencer contract template is a legal contract that is used by a business to hire a celebrity as a brand ambassador. It includes the brand ambassador’s responsibilities and the terms and conditions between the company and the influencer. 

A brand ambassador is someone who officially represents a company to help build their reach, create a positive brand image, and ultimately increase sales. Brand ambassadors are usually influencers that are able to impact the opinions of a related market or industry. 

The main duties of a brand ambassador involve promoting the goods or services of the company, generating sales leads, and participating in brand events. They may also be asked to act and model for marketing materials, or to answer queries from customers. 

This type of agreement can be created in minutes by using our brand ambassador contract template. With a verified template, you can ensure that your contract doesn’t miss any important information without having to pay for a lawyer to check it. 

What Should a Brand Ambassador Contract Include

A social media influencer contract requires various details in order to be legally binding and to ensure both parties are aware and agree to the terms of the partnership. Having all the necessary information helps to avoid future misunderstandings and conflicts. 

Here are some of the critical components that should be included in a brand ambassador contract: 

  • Names and contact information of the brand ambassador and company

  • Duties and responsibilities of the brand ambassador 

  • Deadlines and campaign timelines

  • Scope of deliverables 

  • Compensation and payment details 

  • Mandatory disclosures 

  • Exclusivity rights  

  • Compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

  • Licenses, usage, and copyright

  • Ownership rights 

  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality 

  • Termination methods and cancellation clauses

  • Dispute resolution and legal fees 

How to Write a Brand Ambassador Contract

A brand ambassador contract is a simple document that can be written online without having to pay for a lawyer. However, if it’s not written properly, it may cause issues between both sides further down the line. 

By using one of our verified brand contract templates, you can quickly drag and drop your information without having to design or structure the document yourself. 

Simply choose the sections you wish to include, add the information of both the brand ambassador and the business hiring them, and you’ll be able to write up a contract in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of Having Brand Ambassadors

The use of brand ambassadors has increased remarkably over the last decade, thanks, in part, to social media. However, it’s also due to their ability to grow reach, create or boost brand image and even achieve brand differentiation. 

Below are some of the main benefits that brand ambassadors can bring to a company: 

  • Improving the company’s social media presence 

  • Connecting with customers

  • Creating or strengthening brand image

  • Growing brand awareness and reach 

  • Amplifying engagement

  • Acting as a form of customer support

  • Strengthening the marketing team 

  • Expanding the market

  • Giving the brand a human touch 

  • Publicizing the business in brand ambassador networks 

  • Providing positive word of mouth

  • Increasing traffic to the company website

  • Helping to resolve bad reviews 

  • Protecting a brand’s reputation

As you can see, there are many different benefits to hiring a brand ambassador. However, it’s also important to take some of the possible disadvantages into consideration. One of these includes a brand ambassador becoming too strongly tied to a company. 

In this case, if a brand ambassador becomes part of a public scandal, it can also damage the reputation of the company that hired them. In addition, an exceptionally popular brand ambassador can also overshadow the brand they are working with. 

Finally, a brand ambassador isn’t completely in control of the company they are working with, which means that they may take actions that hurt the brand.

Brand Ambassador Contract Sample

We recommend looking at a 100% verified sample brand ambassador contract before starting your own. 

Use our example below to get a feel for the points to cover and details to include in your own customized agreement.

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FAQs on Brand Ambassador Contracts

A brand ambassador contract needs to be prepared carefully, to ensure no essential provisions are missing when it’s signed. To find out more about how these agreements work and must be prepared, check our FAQs below.

Why is a Brand Ambassador Contract Important?

An influencer contract necessary for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, it offers protection for both the brand ambassador and the company by outlining the terms of the agreement. Essentially, it serves as a crucial point of reference should there be a dispute between the parties in the future. 

However, a brand ambassador contract is also important because it enables both parties to have the same expectations, thereby decreasing ambiguity in what is expected of them. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts further down the line. 

How to Get a Brand Ambassador Contract?

A brand ambassador agreement is a relatively straightforward document that can be created online without having to pay for a lawyer. However, if it’s not written properly, it may cause issues between both sides. 

We provide brand ambassador contract templates that are verified by professional legal experts to ensure they include all the necessary sections and details. In addition, by using our legal document builder, you can quickly input your information without having to design the template yourself.

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