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Photography Service Agreement Template and Example

Prepare a customized photography contract to define the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Outline the scope, date, and payment terms of photography services.

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Last Update March 2nd, 2023


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What is a Photography Contract

A photography contract is a legal document that is used by a client to hire a photographer to take photos. The type of services contracted can range from commercial photography to event shoots such as weddings. 

A photography contract can also be referred to as a:

  • Photography Services Contract

  • Photography Services Agreement

  • Basic Photography Contract

  • Photographer Contract

The purpose of this document is to cover all the necessary details of photography services, such as when payment will be made, who owns the intellectual property, and how the photography will be carried out. 

This type of agreement can be created in minutes by using a simple photography contract template. With a verified template, you can ensure that your contract doesn’t miss any important information without having to pay for a lawyer.

Common Types of Photography Contracts

Not all photography contracts are the same. Depending on the type of photography services needed by the client, they can be customized to conform to specific requirements and conditions. 

The most common types of photography contracts include the following: 

  • Wedding photography contract: Between a couple and their photographer to take photos at a wedding. 

  • Portrait photography contract: Specifically for portrait-style photo shoots.

  • Product photography contract: To take photos of products for a company or business.

  • Event photography contract: Used for photography services at any type of events such as parties, seminars, conferences, or trade shows.  

  • Real estate photography contract: To hire a photographer to take photos of a piece of property or real estate. 

  • Boudoir photography contract: For photography featuring intimate, sensual, and romantic images. 

  • Newborn photography contract: Between a parent or parents and a photographer to take photos of their newborn. 

  • Commercial photography contract: For any type of photography that will be used commercially. 

  • Model photography contract: To establish a photography contract between a photographer and a model. 

  • Graduation photography contract: To take photos for a school, university, or specific student at a graduation ceremony. 

  • Food photography contract: For photography featuring images of food and beverages. 

Other popular types of photography include fashion, sports, architecture, medical, vehicle, advertising, wildlife, landscapes, panoramic, school, branding, fine art, street, erotic, press, film, astrophotography, and documentary photography.

What Should a Photography Contract Include

A photographer contract requires various details in order to be legally binding and to ensure it holds up in court. Having all the necessary information also helps avoid future misunderstandings and conflicts. 

Below are the essential points that must usually be included:

  • Full name and address of the client and the photographer/business being hired

  • Summary of what each party will provide

  • Start date of the contract and shoot date(s)

  • Payment terms and schedule

  • Number of hours for the taking of photos, post-production, and editing  

  • Due dates of final sample proofs

  • Cancellation policy

  • Copyright ownership and transfer of use rights 

  • Number of days each party has to fix issues 

  • Signature from both parties

  • Model or property releases (if necessary)

  • Liability limitations and extra fees

How Much Does a Photographer Service Cost

The price of a photographer can vary significantly depending on their skill level and the type of photography services you are looking for. For example, a professional wedding photographer might charge a rate of $1,000 to $3,000 for 6-hours, while an amateur event photographer may only ask for $300 to $1,000 for the same job. 

Similarly, a product photographer contracted by a company will typically be paid for at a higher rate than an individual portrait photographer. It also depends on whether you contract a freelance photographer or a studio, and whether there will be any follow-up editing services. A skilled photographer may also ask for a retainer before the photo session. 

Overall, it’s recommended to search online for photography services in your area that suit your needs and budget to find the best option.

Photography Contract Example

We recommend looking at a 100% verified sample photography contract before starting your own. 

Use our example below to get a feel for the points to cover and details to include in your own customized agreement.

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Other Types of Service Contracts

You might be interested in different services other than photography. 

In that case, it’s usually a good idea to prepare a contract. A service contract protects each person. It provides security if the contract is terminated or terms aren’t respected.

Other types of service contracts LawDistrict can help you with are:

FAQs About Photography Service Contracts

A photography contract needs to be prepared carefully, to ensure no essential provisions are missing when it’s signed. To find out more about how these agreements work and must be prepared, check our FAQs below.

How to get a photography contract template?

A photography contract is a simple document that can be written online without having to pay for a lawyer. However, if it’s not written properly, it may cause issues between both sides further down the line. By using a verified photography contract template, you can quickly drag and drop your information without having to design or structure the document yourself.

What does a photographer do?

A photographer’s main duty is to take photos of people, events, places, and objects. They usually specialize in one or more types of photography and work in a studio or on-site at different locations. 

These images are usually used to tell stories, record important moments, or generate commercial interest. Photographers must also understand framing, composition, light, and color. They also need to be proficient with various digital editing tools, programs, and printing equipment.

For photographers that work on a freelance basis, they will also require skills in business management. This includes meeting with clients, creating invoices, or recording expenses and revenues.

Do I need a photography contract?

A photography contract is recommended at every shoot, even if being hired by a friend or family member. Not only does it help both parties know their responsibilities and rights, but it sets clear expectations. 

Having a contract also helps avoid conflicts between both parties about cancellations, payment schedules, artistic property, post-production, and delivery dates. A photography agreement can further help to build a longer-lasting professional relationship between the client and the photographer. 

To ensure that the document is legally binding, both parties need to sign it. In addition, if the photographer or studio wants to display the photographs of an individual for marketing purposes, they will require a model release form.

If the photographer wants to use the images of a property or piece of real estate, then they will require a property release form instead. This will allow them to use the images in advertisements, magazines, and for other commercial purposes. 

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