About LawDistrict

What is LawDistrict?

LawDistrict helps individuals and businesses both big and small create error-free and customized legal documents that can be used for numerous business, estate, and judicial purposes. It offers an easy step-by-step method of creating individualized legal paperwork.

How can I contact LawDistrict?

You can easily reach us by phone on +1 855 997 0206, by email via info@lawdistrict.com, or by accessing your personal profile, or our contact page. Contact us now if you need help using our service or answers to any queries. We usually respond to email messages within 1 business day.

Is LawDistrict a law office?

No, LawDistrict does not offer legal services, nor does it provide professional legal advice or operate as a law office. It instead assists clients with the preparation of legal forms, contracts and more using specialized online editing tools.

My Account

What can I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a change of password via the login page. You will be asked to enter your registered email address and after this has been done will be sent an email allowing you to reset the password.

What do I need to start a document?

Once you’re ready to start a form or contract, simply select the type of form you wish to create from your account document dashboard, or via the appropriate site page for your desired product.

How many documents can I create?

You may generate as many documents as you would like after beginning a 7-Day Access Subscription. This feature will be available during the entirety of your membership. 

This means, by taking advantage of our 7-Day Subscription, you’ll have access to unlimited form creation and downloads of every legal document found on our website.

7-Day Access and Billing

How does LawDistrict’s 7-Day Access work?

Our 7-Day Access Subscription gives users the chance to try out our bespoke legal document editing service for the price of $1.95. Clients first must register as a user on our site to start the subscription, which then grants 7 days of access to all our customizable forms. You may cancel at any time during this trial period. If you choose to keep the service running you’ll automatically be upgraded to our monthly subscription.

When will I be charged after the 7-Day Access expires?

After 7 days have elapsed your card will be charged the amount of your first month’s subscription. You will then be billed every 4 weeks from that date onwards.

How do I get my documents?

Once you’ve completed a document and registered with LawDistrict you’ll be able to download the file as a PDF document from your account dashboard. You must have an active subscription in order to download your completed legal forms.

How do I change or cancel my membership?

You can change your membership at any time from your account’s billing page. Simply select your new preferred subscription or opt to cancel your membership if you wish to no longer use our services. The changes will take effect from your next billing date.

How will my transaction be reflected in my account statement?

As general rule, the payment transaction will be reflected on the bank statement with the Merchant ID "LawDistrict" although this identifier may vary based on different factors (e.g: business reasons, product purchased, origin and destination of the transaction, method of payment, etc).

Examples of an identifier that may appear include:

LAWDISTRICT18773568069, LAWDISTRICT18447273042, LAWDISTRICT18447307585, LAWDISTRICT18773568069, LAWDISTRICT18447273042, LWDISTRICT 18773957913, LADISTRICT 18773989177, LAWISTRICT 18773989713, LAWDSTRICT 18774250564, LAWDITRICT 18773993711, LAWDISRICT 18773993636, LAWDISTRCT 18773956701, LAWDISTRICT18773982856, LAWDISTRICT18773958315, LAWDISTRICT18773993824, LAWDISTRICT18773989568, LAWDISTRICT18773983601, LAWDISTRICT18773993205, LAWDISTRICT18773989314, LAWDISTRICT18773714064, LAWDISTRICT18773989608, LAWDISTRICT18773954875, LAWDISTRICT18773993756, LAWDISTRICT18773989215, LAWDISTRICT18773984675, LAWDISTRICT18773983936, LAWDISTRICT18773950853, LAWDISTRICT18773755315, LAWDISTRICT18773724062, LAWDISTRICT18773604048, LAWDISTRICT18777643123, LAWDISTRICT18773983586, LAWDISTRICT18447276419, LAWDISTRICT18447274565, LAWDISTRICT18447274063, LAWDISTRICT18447273877, LAWDISTRICT18447275480, LAWDISTRICT18447276450, LAWDISTRICT18447271570, LAWDISTRICT18447271623, LAWDISTRICT18447274074, LAWDISTRICT18447275508, LAWDISTRICT18447314391, LAWDISTRICT18447314971, LAWDISTRICT18447314435, LAWDISTRICT18447314809, LAWDISTRICT18447314815, LAWDISTRICT18447314504, LAWDISTRICT18447314386, LAWDISTRICT18447314346, LAWDISTRICT18447314441, LAWDISTRICT18447314823, LAWDISTRICT18447302972, LAWDISTRICT18447302979, LAWDISTRICT18447302922, LAWDISTRICT18447302983, LAWDISTRICT18447302959, LAWDISTRICT18447302976, LAWDISTRICT18447302940, LAWDISTRICT18447302980, LAWDISTRICT18447302918, LAWDISTRICT18447302977, LAWDISTRICT18447302937, LAWDISTRICT18447302929, LAWDISTRICT18447302934, LAWDISTRICT18559094765, LAWDISTRICT18556433891, LAW8557126952, LAWDISTRICT18559306138

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How is my data protected?

All data entered on the site is encrypted and is not shared with any third parties. 

Is the data entered on my document confidential?

The data entered on your document is securely protected and cannot be accessed by anyone else. Only you can access your completed legal forms via your account.

Is LawDistrict secure?

LawDistrict uses SSL and TLS protocols to offer the most secure online experience possible.