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Landscaping Contract Template

Prepare a customized landscape service agreement to define the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Outline the scope, date, and payment terms of landscaping services.

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What Does a Landscaper Do

Landscapers are individuals hired to design, plan, and take care of gardens and parks in return for compensation. The primary purpose of landscaping is to create an aesthetically-pleasing outdoor space that matches the surrounding area. 

Landscapers and landscaping businesses usually work on a contract basis, agreeing on the terms and dates of their work with each client. The main duties of a landscaper include:

  • Consulting with clients on landscape design and care. 

  • Raking and removal of leaves.

  • Planting, transplanting, and maintaining flowers, plants, greenhouses, and nursery stock.

  • Installing ponds, decks, drainage systems, landscaping beds, gravel pathways fences, planters, playground equipment, rock gardens, outdoor furnaces, trees, hedges, and patios.

  • Gardening, and watering plants. 

  • Land grading, irrigation, and material work. 

  • Trimming shrubs, hedges, bushes, and trees.

  • Cutting overhanging tree limbs.

  • Identifying insect problems, weeds, and plant diseases.

  • Operating and preserving watering systems.

  • Fertilizing soil and applying pesticides.

  • Seeding, sodding, and caring for loans.

How to Write a Landscaping Contract

Creating a contract is an essential part of any successful landscape project. 

A landscaping contract needs various key details in order to be legally binding and to ensure it holds up in court. Having all the necessary information also helps avoid future misunderstandings and conflicts. 

Here are the must-haves that every landscaping contract should include:

  • The names and contact information of the property owner (client) and landscaping contractor.

  • A statement acknowledging the consent of both parties.

  • A description of the type of landscaping duties that will be provided, as well as maintenance and inspections.

  • The price of the services and the terms of payment.

  • The contract’s start and end dates.

  • A completed copy of an invoice template to be used when accepting payment. 

  • The terms for terminating or amending the contract.

  • The way non-payment claims will be handled.

  • Liability limitations in regard to third parties.

  • The Local, state, and federal laws governing the agreement.

Landscaping contracts are relatively straightforward in regard to the fact that they don’t require.

Types of Landscaping Contract

Not all landscaping contracts are the same. Depending on the type of landscaping services needed by the client, they can be customized to conform to specific requirements and conditions. 

Each contract will differ in terms of the dates, types of services provided, number of contractors involved, the payment terms, and other conditions. For example, commercial landscaping contracts will usually be of a much larger scale than residential ones. 

Landscaping vs Lawn Care Contract

Although similar in some ways, landscaping and lawn care contracts differ in numerous key areas. Lawn care contracts address specific routine tasks, such as watering plants, mulching, fertilizing, and mowing, usually on a seasonal basis. 

On the other hand, landscapers transform outdoor areas by undertaking more complicated duties, such as land grading, irrigation, or construction. While lawn care involves taking care of an already established garden, landscaping completely changes an outdoor environment.

Landscaping Contract Sample

We recommend looking at a 100% verified sample landscaping contract before starting your own. 

Use our example below to get a feel for the points to cover and details to include in your own customized agreement.

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Other Types of Service Contracts

Besides landscaping, you may want to provide or pay for other services as well. If so, you should prepare a contract.

A service contract protects each person and formalizes the service. 

It provides security if the contact is terminated or terms aren’t respected.

Other service contracts LawDistrict can help you create: 

FAQs About Landscaping Contracts

A landscaping contract needs to be prepared carefully to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements between the two parties. To find out more about how these agreements work and must be prepared, check our FAQs below.

What should a landscaping contract include?

There are various key details that a landscaping contract must include to prevent miscommunication between the client and the contractor. While a lawyer is not needed to write up one of these agreements, missing out on important information can render the contract invalid.

We recommend using one of our landscaping contract templates to make sure your document includes all the necessary points. By using our builder, you’ll be able to complete your document in minutes with the help of expert legal guidance and advice. 

How much does landscaping and lawn care cost?

The average price for landscaping and lawn care is between $4 to $12 per square foot. This translates to an average of $50-$100 per hour, while new installations can range from $3,000 to over $15,000. 

However, the rate can vary significantly depending on the type of services being provided, the size of the land, and how many landscapers will be required. After deciding what kind of work you’re looking for, we recommend contacting 3-5 landscaping providers in your nearby area to find the best prices. 

Most landscaping services will be able to provide you with a free quote of the job’s cost after having surveyed the property and understood your needs.

How do you negotiate a landscaping contract?

When negotiating a landscaping contract, it’s vital to ensure every detail of the project is put into writing, and that an accurate timetable is created. This way, both parties know what to expect and conflicts can be avoided.

You should also shop around for the best price-to-quality contractor and research the ones you’re looking to hire. Verify the company’s credentials including their reviews, insurance, and licensing. It’s also possible to save money by purchasing the materials and supplies yourself, or to present options to the contractor before asking for a price. 

In addition, make sure to always be polite, show mutual respect, and try to build a rapport with the contractor. Even after the work has been completed, the landscaper will have to return to the property to inspect and maintain it, which means it’s important to cultivate a healthy long-term working relationship

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