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Cleaning Service Template

Draw up a custom-made Cleaning Service agreement that outlines the rights and requirements of both the client and the cleaner. Use our template to write a contract that makes sense and does not leave out any important information. 

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Last Update May 10th, 2023


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What Is a Cleaning Service Contract

A Cleaning Service Contract is a legal document made between 2 parties when one of them wants to hire a cleaner to clean a property. 

These properties range from homes to office buildings. That is why this type of service contract has a few other names, including: 

  • House Cleaning Service Agreement

  • Residential Cleaning Service Agreement

  • Commercial Cleaning Contracts

  • Maid Service Agreement

  • Janitorial Service Contract

If you are interested in hiring a Cleaning Service for your home or business, a contract allows you to set the terms and conditions of the service.  

When Do You Need a Cleaning Service Agreement

You should formalize a Cleaning Contract before the service begins

After an agreement is in place, both parties must outline the terms and conditions. Without an agreement, there is always a risk of serious legal problems later on. 

Take advantage of LawDistrct’s Cleaning Service Contract Template. Use it to write your contract and avoid problems such as a lawsuit or late payments.

How to Write a Cleaning Service Agreement

A well-written Cleaning Contract ensures that both parties have a clear understanding of what’s expected

To create a well-outlined document, you need information from both parties. 

Ensure you gather the following:

  • Get theservice provider's license number if you are a client. Make sure it is a registered business. 

  • Outline all theinformation about the service. This includes: 

    • The dates that the cleaner will come to your property

    • What services the cleaner provides

    • The amount of cleaning and expectations 

  • Agree on the cost. Ensure both of you agree and have a clear understanding of the price. 

Once you have these details, you are ready to write your Cleaning Service Contract.

What to Include in a Service Agreement Contract

How you outline your legal document is important. The basic information will be included. However, remember to fill in the specific details and conditions.

The contact information, payment method and amount, and the location of the service are some important examples. 

When you make your legal agreement, make sure you include the following: 

  • Full name and contact information of the client and cleaner. 

  • Location and time the employment takes place.

  • The cleaning services, e.g. mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, etc.

  • The length of the job. If it is a one-time job or if it is long-term.

  • The provider of the cleaning equipment. Also, a list of the equipment needed. 

  • The amount of pay, as well as when and how the money is deposited.  

  • Date and signatures of both parties.

Cleaning Service Contract Sample

What are the benefits of reviewing a sample contract for a Cleaning Service?  Reviewing an example shows you the exact information that should be includedand howto include it. 

Have a look at our sample below:

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Other Types of Service Contracts

It’s always recommended to prepare a contract, no matter the service. This way, both parties have insurance and options if the contract is terminated or terms aren’t respected.

If you’re also interested in services besides cleaning, you cancreate any of the following contracts with our easy-to-use templates

FAQs About Cleaning Service Agreements

To ensure that you do not leave out any important details, look over all information available. Review the most frequent questions and answers about Cleaning Service Agreements.

Why Are Cleaning Agreements Important?

Agreements are very important because they help both parties. Without a contract, either of the parties could get away with not completing their end of the deal.

An agreement ensures that employment and payment are carried out fairly. 

An Agreement provides both parties with: 

  • Security: The terms and conditions will be met or there will be severe legal consequences. 

  • Clarity: The client understands the amount they will pay, the length of the service. The cleaner understands his or her duties.

How to Find a Cleaner

If you are in the market for a cleaner, make sure you get the best service possible. Follow these steps to help you find the best maid or janitor to work for you: 

  • Ask family and friends: If you know someone who has hired a cleaner, ask them if you think they would do a good job for you. 

  • Use the internet: Search online to find a service with good reviews. 

  • Ask for a proposal: Make sure you request a proposal so you know exactly what they are offering. You can provide a Cleaning Service proposal template.

  • Compare the candidates: Go over all the candidates and review what they can offer you.

How to Get a Cleaning Service Contract Template

A lawyer is seen as the normal way to formalize a legal document. However, this option is often expensive. There are cheaper alternatives that are just as useful. 

Once you and the other party are ready to make a deal, use our Cleaning Service template to write your legal documentation. Using our free template is the least expensive and simplest option available. 

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