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Free Temporary Guardianship Form

Use our Temporary Guardianship form to facilitate the creation of your legal document. For any parent planning to transfer custodianship of their child for a short time, this is the perfect template.

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What Is a Temporary Guardianship

Parents and legal guardians use a Temporary Guardianship to authorize the transfer of a child’s custodial rights to another person.

It is ideal to use this legal document if you momentarily cannot fully care for your child or children. 

The temporary guardian can care for the child in their home or the home of the child. 

A temporary guardian can also solicit medical, economic, and educational services if the child needs any. 

Use our Temporary Guardianship template to easily create the document and make the process stress-free. 

Reasons to Have a Temporary Guardianship

It is not easy for a parent to give the custody of their child to another person, even if it is for a short period. 

So, how can you determine who needs a Temporary Guardianship form

You may also be wondering if you need one at all, or when do you need it? 

The following reasons a parent might make this legal document include: 

  • Going through the divorce process

  • Recovering from a serious illness

  • Work that doesn’t allow you to be at home

  • Financial problems

If you are experiencing any of these difficulties or think you will shortly, it is probably time to prepare a Temporary Guardianship Form

How to Get a Temporary Guardianship

There are multiple ways you can obtain a Temporary Guardianship Form. A single specific rule does not exist regarding how to make the document. 

One way you can get the document is by going to a lawyer to create the form. 

The problem with this method is that it is normally expensive.

You can also create the document yourself. LawDistrict provides a Temporary Guardianship templatethat  makes it simple to write your document. 

Using our template makes the process easier and at a fair price. 

How to Write a Temporary Guardianship Form

Thanks to how uncomplicated the writing process is, parents prefer to make the document themselves

We have included the following steps to help you fill out a Temporary Guardianship Form. 

  1. Write your personal information: Include your first name, last name, and address.

  2. Write the child or children’s information: Include the first and last name’s of each child, as well as their date(s) of birth. 

  3. State who is receiving custody: Write the name of each temporary guardian. Fill in  their relationship with the child or children and put in their contact information. 

  4. Include the statement of consent: Sign this section in front of a Notary Public. 

  5. Add the period of custody: Put the exact dates the custody will begin and end. If you are unsure when it will conclude, only add the start date. 

  6. Sign the form: Both parents must sign and date the form, unless there are circumstances that make it impossible for the other parent to sign. 

  7. Have the notary public sign: A notary public should then sign and date the form.

Make sure to review your state’s laws, to see if a judge must approve of the agreement. 

How to Revoke a Temporary Guardianship Form

You may be wondering what happens if you want your child returned to your care before the Temporary Guardianship ends. 

There is a simple way to resolve the issue of how to get your child back from temporary guardianship.

If you can resume full care of your child, simply petition the court to end the agreement.

Difference Between Temporary Guardianship and Temporary Custody

There are slight differences between a Temporary Guardianship Agreement and a Temporary Custody Agreement. 

Review the table below to understand the differences between them. 

Temporary Guardianship Temporary Custody
Requires the consent of the parents. Determined through a civil lawsuit by one of the parents.
Only for a fixed amount of time. The court does not need the consent of

the parents.

Temporary Guardianship Letter Sample

To make the writing process simple regarding a Temporary Guardianship Form, we have included the following example

Review this sample and download our Temporary Guardianship template to make your document. 

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Temporary Child Custody FAQs

To further assist you in this legal process, we have responded to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Temporary Guardianships.

Review the answers below to clear up any confusion regarding the agreement and making the document.

Does a Temporary Guardianship Need to Be Notarized?

Like most legal documents, a Temporary Guardianship should be notarized. 

Before the form is submitted to the courts, have it notarized with the signatures of the parents.

In the event, that one parent is not able to sign, the signature of the remaining parent is enough. 

Does Temporary Guardianship Override Parental Rights?

The rights of the parents are always respected in a Temporary Guardianship. Parental consent is always required. 

The temporary guardian also has the same rights as the parents while the agreement is in effect.

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