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Free Time Off Request Form

Easily create your own Time Off Request form with our simple-to-use examples and printable templates. Our sample document simplifies the procedure for you.

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Last Update March 16th, 2023


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What Is a Time Off Request Form

A Time Off Request Form is a formal record of an employee's petition for a scheduled absence from work, whether it be for vacation, sick leave, or any other plausible reason. 

To sustain a productive and motivated workforce, it is important for companies to acknowledge situations where an employee's personal life takes precedence over their professional life. 

An Employee Time Off Request form serves as a mean to request a period away from their job.

Other names for Request Time Off forms include:

The employment formis submitted to the employer and the decision on whether to approve or reject it is documented on the form.

Types of Time Off

The reasons why an employee may request time off can be many. Transparency on both sides is highly advised to avoid frustration and maintain a positive work atmosphere.

Below are typical situations where an employee may need to request time off from work:

  • Sickness

  • Vacation

  • Injury

  • Jury duty

  • Bereavement

  • Family and Medical Leave Act

  • Maternity or paternity

  • Military duty

  • Short or long-term leave of absence

  • Family care

Use our Time off Request form template to easily create your document to miss work when necessary and guarantee that your document is error-free.

Time Off Request Form Example

Employee Time Off Request forms may vary in content depending on state laws and other variables, such as employer requirements. 

However, most have common elements to base yours on..

Look at this example to draft your own form:


Employee Name:



Email Address: 

Phone Number:

Requested Time Off:

Start Date:

End Date: 

Number of Days:

Reason for Time Off:


I understand that this request for time off is subject to approval by my supervisor or manager.

Employee Signature: 


Supervisor/Manager Approval:

[ ] Approved

[ ] Denied

Reason for Denial: 

Supervisor/Manager Signature: 


How to Fill Out a Time Off Request Form

When asking for time off work, ensure that you comply with employee policies and that your petition is reasonable.

To fill out a Time Off Request form, carefully follow the steps below:

  1. Start by entering the date at the top of the form. Then write your name, phone number, and email address. Below it, add your employer's name.

    Time off request dates

  2. Specify the hours or days that you are requesting off by indicating the beginning and ending dates.

    Requested time off

  3. Indicate the reason for your request.

    Requested reason

  4. Read and acknowledge the request depends on the authorization of the employer.

    Time off request acknowledge

  5. Sign and date the document.

    Time off request signing

  6. Submit the completed form to your supervisor or human resources department for review and approval.

Use our free online template to draft your legal document and include every critical detail.

Time Off Request Sample

To avoid leaving out crucial information from your Request for Time Off form, it is recommended to review an example before creating the document. 

Examine the sample Time Off Request form below to understand how your document should be structured and the essential information that it should contain.

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Time Off Request FAQs

Before creating your Time Off Request form, it is important to have a complete understanding of what information it should include

If you are unsure about any aspects, you can refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below to learn about the essential elements and purpose of the document.

Why Is a Time off Request Form Needed?

Tracking employees' time off requests can serve several important purposes, including:

  • Scheduling: Company management often needs to create schedules to ensure adequate coverage in their departments when employees take time off. Work may need to be reassigned to ensure operations.

  • Compliance: It might be necessary to document employee time off to comply with federal and state laws, as well as internal company policies.

How Do I Get an Employee Time off Request Form?

To obtain an employee time off request form, you can approach your employer's human resources department or ask your supervisor for the necessary form. In some cases, the form may also be available online through your company's intranet or HR portal.

If you are unable to locate the form, you may also consider asking a coworker or searching for it in the company's shared drive or document management system.

It's essential to ensure you use the correct form provided by your company to facilitate that the request is processed correctly.

Can a Time off Request Be Denied?

Yes, a time off request can be denied by an employer if there is a valid business reason to do so, such as a high volume of work or insufficient staffing. 

Employers should provide clear policies regarding time off requests and communicate any rejections in a professional and respectful manner. Employees can also discuss the reason for rejection with their supervisor or the human resources department.

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