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Dirt Bike Bill of Sale Form

Save your time by using our Dirt Bike Bill of Sale template. Use our legal form to meet your state’s requirements and protect every party involved from fraud.

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Last Update March 1st, 2023


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What Is a Bill of Sale for a Dirt Bike

A Dirt Bike Bill of Sale is a legal document created to list the terms and conditions of a purchase of a Dirt Bike. The purpose is to change ownership between one party to another

Other important uses for a Dirt Bike Bill of Sale exist. They are useful no matter where you live in the United States. 

It relieves the seller of any liability if the bike is involved in illegal activity in the future. 

Additionally, it settles any debate about whose property the Dirt Bike is. 

Whether you are the buyer or seller, you should create and sign a Bill of Sale before completing the transaction. 

Use our printable Dirt Bike Bill of Sale template to create your document with little effort.

How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Dirt Bike

A Bill of Sale can be written by anyone without any legal expertise. It is a simple process to outline this document. 

You be asking yourself, are Dirt Bike Bills of Sale the same in every state?

Not exactly, in general, they are similar, but you need to remember there are different requirements in certain states

A Dirt Bike Bill of Sale in Florida won’t be the same as in every other state. 

Below, we include step-by-step instructions on how to write a Dirt Bike Bill of Sale:

  • Fill in the date the document is written.

  • Include the personal and contact information of the buyer and the seller. This includes the address of both parties and phone numbers, email addresses, etc.  

  • Specify the details of the Dirt Bike, such as: 

    1. Make

    2. Model

    3. Year

    4. Odometer reading 

  • Add the price and how the Dirt Bike will be paid for. The buyer needs to choose an option that includes:

    1. Cash

    2. Check

    3. Money order 

  • Review all the standard terms and conditions.

  • Put your signatures at the bottom of the document, along with the date of the transaction.

Bill of Sale Sample for a Dirt Bike

It is not extremely difficult to make your own Bill of Sale. However, it is still necessary to ensure you have everything correctly outlined

This is especially true for anyone who has never made a Dirt Bike Bill of Sale before. 

For your convenience, we have included a free Dirt Bike Bill of Sale sample below.

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Other Types of Bills of Sale

A Bill of Sale is a popular document to use when someone buys or sells a type of vehicle. It is a clear formal declaration of change of ownership, that makes it useful when you decide to sell a vehicle.

Buyers of used vehicles should use it to legally claim ownership of the vehicle that was originally purchased by someone else. 

Aside from Dirt Bike sales, there are Bill of Sale documents used for different vehicles, such as: 

Dirt Bike Bill of Sale FAQs

To resolve any doubts, you can read the following answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Bills of Sale for Dirt Bikes.

Using these responses, you can further understand what is essential to complete this formal transaction. 

Can You Register a Dirt Bike With a Bill of Sale?

Yes, not only is it possible, but it is also necessary to register it in certain states. 

You won’t be able to legally ride your Dirt Bike if you don’t register it, and to register it you need the Bill of Sale.  

How to Get a Title for a Dirt Bike?

Titles of ownership must be given to buyers by the seller. When you complete a transaction, make sure the title of ownership changes. 

Then register the title with your city or county government licensing office.

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