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Bill of Sale for a Horse

Sell a horse easily and completely with the help of a personalized bill of sale. Create your own equine bill of sale for your state now with the help of quick and easy contract maker tools.

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Last Update May 12th, 2023


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Table of Contents:
Create a personalized Horse Bill of Sale now

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What is an Equine Bill of Sale

An equine bill of sale (also known as a horse bill of sale) is an important legal document that can be used to transfer ownership of a horse or pony. This allows the buyer and the seller to properly document the details of the sale and to provide proof that the animal in question is in the possession of a new owner.

How to Write a Bill of Sale to Sell a Horse

It is easy to create your own bill of sale for a horse completely online. Using our legal document generator tools you can create your own personalized sale slip. This is done with step-by-step tools that help you add the key information needed to make your sale final in your state and to transfer ownership of a horse successfully.

In order for a horse bill of sale to be effective, it must contain the following information:

  • The name and address of the buyer.

  • The name and address of the seller.

  • The price agreed for the horse.

  • The date the sale becomes effective.

  • The name of the horse (if it has a name).

  • A description of the horse detailing its breed, markings, gender date of birth, and registration number.  

  • Whether or not the horse has required a health check for the sale to be final.

  • If the new owner possesses all breeding rights to the horse or not.

  • The signatures of both parties.

This is not the only way to create a horse bill of sale, however. It is also possible to hire a lawyer or attorney to draw up the bill although this normally costs significantly more and will usually take longer to complete.

Horse Bill of Sale Example

In order to fully understand all the necessities of a horse bill of sale, it can be helpful to look over a sample document that contains the wording and structure necessary to make your sale complete. Simply review our horse bill of sale example below to get a better idea of how your documents should appear.

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Horse Bill of Sale - FAQs

A horse bill of sale is not an especially complicated legal document, yet it is important to be fully aware of all the implications that having or not having one could have for your sale. Find out more about why this kind of bill of sale can often prove essential for your transaction.

Do I Need a Bill of Sale for a Horse Sale?

Having a horse bill of sale is a legal requirement in a few states. However, even in states where it is not obligatory by law, it is sensible to possess a sale slip such as this to protect the buyer and seller from possible fraud.

What Are The Consequences of Not Having a Bill of Sale?

Not having a horse bill of sale has a few negative consequences. Firstly, it can leave the buyer unprotected if something is found to be wrong with the horse or it isn’t as described. The bill of sale slip can provide evidence of a fraudulent transaction.

Furthermore, a bill of sale allows the seller to formally cede ownership of the horse, by providing evidence it is no longer in their possession. It also helps save them time by assessing whether the buyer is truly serious about the sale.

What to Do If You Never Received the Bill of Sale for Your Horse?

If you complete the process of creating a horse bill of sale correctly, you and the buyer will normally each receive a copy of the document after it has been signed. However, if this has not happened, you should immediately contact the other party immediately and request a copy.

This is necessary to prove that the horse has legitimately changed ownership and that that the sale was carried out correctly. If you’re the buyer in this case and the bill of sale is never delivered and the seller refuses to give you one, you should contact a lawyer and seek legal advice on the matter.

Who Keeps the Bill of Sale?

Once the sale is completed both parties should be given a copy of the horse bill of sale. They should then keep this form for up to one year for their records and in case any disputes arise about the transaction.

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