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Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form

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Last Update January 12th, 2023


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What is a Motorcycle Bill of Sale

A motorcycle bill of sale is an important legal document that can be used to complete a transaction between a buyer and a seller of a motorcycle. It creates an essential record to indicate that ownership has been transferred, allowing the buyer to register and transfer the title of the vehicle with their local DMV.

It also permits the seller to legally cede ownership and responsibility for the vehicle to their chosen buyer. Furthermore, it details the information of both parties and the price and date of their agreement to transfer the ownership of the motorcycle.

How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Motorcycle

It is straightforward to create a motorcycle bill of sale online from your own home. Using our legal document maker you’ll be able to fully customize and print the bill of sale template necessary to ensure legal validity in your state.

Alternatively, you can visit your local DMV to find the relevant forms needed to register the sale or ask a lawyer to create your document. In all cases, you must remember to include the following key information about the motorcycle and the sale in your form:

  • The name and address of the buyer

  • The name and address of the seller

  • The make, model, and year of the vehicle

  • Its odometer reading

  • A short description of the motorcycle

  • The motorcycle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

  • The price agreed in the sale

  • Any warranties made on the motorcycle (optional)

  • The signatures of both parties (This may need to be notarized in some states)

Motorcycle Bill of Sale Example

Before creating your own motorcycle bill of sale it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the format and structure of the final form. Use our example motorcycle bill of sale below to get a better idea of how your template will appear when it’s completed.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale - FAQs

Whilst a motorcycle bill of sale isn’t the most complicated legal form to create, it helps to fully understand all the necessities you’ll need to cover with this kind of document before starting. Find the answers to any questions you might have about motorcycle bills of sale in our FAQs below.

Do I Need a Bill of Sale for my Motorcycle?

A motorcycle bill of sale is important when buying a used motorcycle from a private seller. It provides a legal record that proves you are the owner or have sold the vehicle to another person, as part of the paperwork of selling a motorcycle. It can also be used to perform important tasks such as transferring the title or registering the vehicle with your local DMV.

How to Get a Title for a Motorcycle with a Bill of Sale?

A motorcycle bill of sale can be used to get a title for a motorcycle once a transaction has been completed. This document is mandatory in many states to transfer the title of the vehicle with the local DMV or motor vehicle authorities. It may also be essential if the original ownership papers have been lost.

To use the bill of sale to transfer the title of a motorcycle, the new owner must visit their nearest DMV with the vehicle and the bill of sale. A VIN inspection will need to be done and if that passes without any issues (such as the vehicle being reported stolen or a lien existing against it) you will then be given the necessary forms to transfer the title.

All that you then need to do is complete the title transfer documents, pay a fee and then wait a few weeks (the DMV will normally give you temporary registration to use the bike in the meantime). You will then be mailed the new title once it has been processed and will then the vehicle will be fully registered in your name.

Who Keeps the Bill of Sale?

The buyer and the seller will each receive a copy of the motorcycle bill of sale once the transaction is completed. Both these parties should keep the document for their personal records in case any disputes occur in the property being transferred or to definitively prove ownership or lack of ownership of the motorcycle.

How Long is a Bill of Sale Good For?

A motorcycle bill of sale can potentially be kept forever to confirm the sale and transfer ownership of the vehicle. However, in most cases, both buyers and sellers can normally discard the document after 1 year has passed from its signing.

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