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Don’t make any critical mistakes when selling your mobile home. Take advantage of our Bill of Sale for Mobile Homes template to make a hassle-free and legally valid transaction.

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What Is a Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home

A Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home is a binding legal document that proves the transfer of ownership of a mobile home from a seller to a buyer. 

You may be wondering if you can sell a mobile home without this document. 

If you don’t use a Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home you and the other party would be left without confirmation that the transaction was legitimate.

Like other types of bill of sale documents, it can also provide you with:

  • Evidence of the transaction of your manufactured home

  • A copy you can use to register the mobile home with your local jurisdiction

A Bill of Sale for Mobile Homes will also include essential information regarding inspections, conditions of the sale, and purchase price.

Use our Bill of Sale Template for Mobile Homes to avoid potential disputes or legal complications down the road. 

Steps to Sell a Mobile Home

Before creating your Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home, you have to take all the appropriate steps

Follow the steps below to guarantee that you can sell your mobile without much hassle. 

  1. Prepare the mobile home: Ensure the mobile home you plan to sell is in good condition, which might involve some cleaning and minor repairs.

  2. Market the property: Post your mobile home on relevant platforms. Highlight its features, add clear photos, and set a competitive price based on market research.

  3. Negotiate the purchase price: Negotiate the price you are willing to sell the home for. It's crucial to remain flexible but stay within a range that feels comfortable to you.

  4. Organize the documentation: Use our template to fill in the required details in your Mobile Home Bill of Sale.

  5. Inspect the property: Buyers may also wish to inspect the property before finalizing the deal.

  6. Finalize the sale: After both parties have signed the Bill of Sale, the buyer will make the payment. Remember to keep copies of all documents and the buyer must then register the sale with the local DMV office.

A Mobile Home Bill of Sale without a notary signature is possible in certain states. However, depending on your state, you may need witnesses and a notary public to verify the signatures on the document. 

How to Write a Mobile Home Bill of Sale

To ensure you avoid any problems after the sale of your mobile home, you must include all the necessary details in your document.

Add the following information to create a legally valid Bill of Sale for your Mobile Home.

  1. Identify the parties: Mention your full name and address along with the full name and address of the other party.

  2. Describe the mobile home: List the make, model, year, size, serial number, vehicle identification number (VIN), odometer statement and reading, and any other identifying features.

  3. State the sale price: Indicate the agreed-upon price in both words and figures.

  4. Include warranty details: Indicate whether the mobile home is being sold “as is” or if there are any warranties associated with it.

  5. Add your Signatures: Add your signature along with the buyer’s, preferably in the presence of a notary public and witnesses, even if it is not required.

It’s also critical to attach further documentation if necessary, for example, if there are any loans, records, or titles these should be included with your Bill of Sale.

Sample Bill of Sale for Mobile Homes

To completely understand how to structure your document, you should look over a well-crafted example. 

Examine the following simple Mobile Home Bill of Sale example below to help you create your document.

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Other Financial Templates

When looking to sell different types of property, specific financial forms can help you throughout your transaction. 

Use the following related documents to help you make various types of sales or purchases:

You can find each of these documents available on LawDistrict.

Mobile Home Bill of Sale FAQs

To provide you with more detailed information we have answered some of the most common questions related to Mobile Home Bill of Sale documents.

Review the following FAQs, to further understand essential information regarding how to create your BOS document. 

How Do I Get a Mobile Home Bill of Sale?

Typically, people who want to sell their mobile home or other property will go to a lawyer to draft their documents. 

However, this option may not be recommendable for a couple of reasons.

Lawyers are often expensive, and the process may take longer. 

To avoid spending unnecessary amounts or wasting time, you can use our free printable Bill of Sale for a Mobile Home template to download and print the document right from your home. 

Do You Have to Report the Sale of a Mobile Home to the IRS?

In short, yes, you must report the sale of your mobile home to the IRS. However, under certain circumstances, it may not be required. 

For example, If the sale involves the exchange of more than $10,000 in cash, then the seller is required to file a return reporting the transaction(s) on Form 8300. 

If the same doesn’t reach that amount then you may not have to. However, it is always essential to review the tax law based on your location and the specific circumstances of the sale

What Paperwork Is Needed to Sell a Mobile Home?

Apart from the actual Mobile Home BOS form, you will need to submit additional documentation to legally complete the transaction. 

Here are the other documents you will need to sell your mobile home:

  • Home title transfer

  • Community documentation 

  • Inspection and appraisal documents

  • Insurance records 

  • Tax forms

  • Disclosure of the seller

It would also be a good idea to create a written list of all the fees that the buyer will need to pay. 

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