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Firearm Bill of Sale Form

A firearm bill of sale is essential to ensure that your gun sale is compliant with local law. Complete your own state-customized document online now using our expert template and instructions.

Last Update January 20th, 2023


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What is a Firearm Bill of Sale

A firearm bill of sale is an important legal document that is used to complete the purchase of a gun. It details information on both the buyer and the seller and the weapon being sold.  

A simple or private party firearm bill of sale is an important part of making your firearm transaction compliant with gun laws in your state. It provides a record of the trade, makes essential declarations about the eligibility of the sale, and helps ensure your gun sale is successfully carried out.

How to Sell a Firearm

Firearm sales are strongly regulated in most states and a number of important procedures must be followed to ensure that the transaction is final and legal. This is why it’s important to have valid legal documents to show the sale has been properly carried out, such as a firearm bill of sale. 

To correctly and securely sell a gun consider the following steps:

  1. Research your local firearm laws.

  2. Prepare the gun for sale to ensure it’s in proper working order.

  3. Have a clear idea of the price based on the make and model of your gun.

  4. Find a suitable buyer and meet them before completing the transaction.

  5. Use a bill of sale to carry out the transfer of ownership.

How to Write a Firearm Bill of Sale

A bill of sale for a firearm can be written easily online. This form can be filled in within just a few minutes using a standard template tailored to the laws of the state you’re selling in.

To properly write a firearm bill of sale, it is important to include the following information:

  • The name and address of the buyer

  • The name and address of the seller

  • The make, model, and caliber of the gun

  • Condition of the weapon (whether the gun needs repairs or not)

  • The price of the gun

  • The date of the transaction

  • The signatures of the buyer and seller

Unlike other bills of sale, it is absolutely crucial to include a short declaration that the buyer and seller meet state requirements for firearm sales. This includes statements that the parties in the transaction meet the minimum standards for conducting the transaction and can legally buy and sell the gun being sold.

Gun Laws by State

Gun laws vary in all 50 states. Some jurisdictions have more lenient rules whereas others can be more restrictive. It is, therefore, essential to have a clear idea of what the rules are in the place where you are selling your weapon.  

Therefore, whether you are using a Virginia firearm bill of sale, Missouri firearm bill of sale, or Georgia firearm bill of sale, you will need to make sure your transaction is compliant with your local gun laws. If not, the sale could be deemed illegal. 

Check below to see what is and isn’t permissible in your state.

State Does the firearm need to be registered? Is a permit required to purchase a firearm?
Alabama No No
Alaska No No
Arizona No No
Arkansas No No
California Yes Yes
Colorado No No
Connecticut Partial Yes
Delaware No No
Florida No No
Georgia No No
Hawaii Yes Yes
Idaho No No
Illinois Yes Yes
Indiana No No
Iowa No Yes
Kansas No No
Kentucky No No
Louisiana No No
Maine No No
Maryland Yes Yes
Massachusetts No Yes
Michigan Yes No
Minnesota No Yes
Mississippi No No
Missouri No No
Montana No No
Nebraska No Yes
Nevada No No
New Hampshire No No
New Jersey Yes Yes
New Mexico No No
New York Yes Yes
North Carolina No Yes
North Dakota No No
Ohio No No
Oklahoma No No
Oregon No No
Pennsylvania Partial No
Rhode Island No Yes
South Carolina No No
South Dakota No No
Tennessee No No
Texas No No
Utah No No
Vermont No No
Virginia No No
Washington Partial No
West Virginia No No
Wisconsin No No
Wyoming No No

Firearm Bill of Sale Sample

Before you create your own firearm bill of sale it can be helpful to review the template you are about to fill in. Use our preprepared document sample below to get familiar with this important legal form.

Firearm Bill of Sale FAQs

Whilst a gun bill of sale looks simple to fill in, there are many special considerations that must be taken into account before doing so. If you are unsure of the finer details of firearm bills of sale, check our FAQs below for more information.

Why Is It Important to Get a Firearm Bill of Sale?

A firearm bill of sale is crucial to prove that a transaction has taken place and ownership has transferred between the named buyer and seller. Furthermore, it is essential to create a record of a private gun sale to ensure that the trade has taken place according to state law. 

How to Register a Gun?

In a number of states, the new owner will be required to register their firearm once a sale is completed with a gun bill of sale. To do so they will need to visit their local state’s firearms department and fill in a registration form.

In some states, this process is also carried out at the owner’s local police station. Therefore, it’s always sensible to check the rules in your area before starting a firearm registration.

What Is CWL on a Firearm Bill of Sale?

The acronym CWL is often used on a firearm bill of sale. It stands for Concealed Weapons License and this data is sometimes provided to prove that a gun buyer may legally purchase a weapon. 

In some states, adding information on CWL allows buyers to bypass background checks prior to the sale. However, in many other states, these checks must be carried out regardless of whether the buyer has a Concealed Weapons License or not.

What Is a Federal Firearms License (FFL)?

A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is used by gun shops and gun dealers to provide proof that they may legally manufacture, transport, and buy and sell weapons and ammunition. 

It is not necessary to have an FFL to use a firearm bill of sale or to conduct a private gun sale within the same state. However, it is essential for transactions across state lines.   

Additionally, holders of an FFL must ensure certain procedures are carried out during a gun sale. This includes background checks and other requirements under state and federal law. 

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