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What's the difference between Releasor and Releasee?
  • Releasor: The individual or entity that surrenders a legal claim for compensation against the releasee.

  • Releasee: The individual or entity being released from any possible legal claim by the releasor.

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What Is a Car Accident Release of Liability Form

A Car Accident Release of Liability, also known as a settlement agreement, is a legal form that allows you and another party to resolve a dispute outside of court

By using and signing this document it releases each party from being legally responsible for any injuries or damage caused in a small car accident

The party that caused the accident will typically pay from their bank account or use their insurance to compensate for any harm done to the other party. 

The form typically covers the issues below: 

  • Medical bills

  • Personal suffering

  • Vehicle repairs

A Car Accident Release of Liability Form will typically cover any compensation for money lost due to a necessary leave from work as well.

Create your Release of Liability Waiver for a Car Accident in minutes with our easy-to-use template. 

How Does a Car Accident Release Form Work

For a Car Accident Release Form to work you and the other party involved must first come to an agreement

Both parties should do the following to create a valid Release of Liability: 

  • Gather all the details regarding the accident and injuries

  • Reach an agreement (settlement)

After these steps are taken, you can create and authorize the form with the other party involved in the accident. 

What to Include in a Car Accident Release Form

Several terms and conditions, as well as party details, must be included in a Car Accident Release Form. 

It must also follow all state requirements, or your form may not be considered valid in a courtroom. 

In general, a Release of Liability for a Car Accident includes the following:

  • Names of the releasor and releasee: The releasor is the party who states they will not file any charges or claims. The releasee is the person who caused the accident and is released from any legal claims. 

  • Total Compensation: The amount of money that the releasee must pay to the releasor. 

  • Details of the Accident: The time the accident took place and other relevant information should be added. 

As with most legal contracts and forms, it must also include each party’s signatures to put the document into effect.

How to Write a Car Accident Release of Liability Form

Your Release of Liability for a Car Accident must be structured correctly to ensure that your dispute can be legally settled without the need for a trial. 

To do so you must include all the necessary details in the correct format. 

Follow the steps below to write your document. 

  1. Include party and contact details: Add your name and contact details as well as the other party’s full name and contact information clarifying who is the releasor and who is the releasee. 

  2. Mention the accident: Cite the time of the accident and that the releasee will be released from legal obligations. 

  3. Include Right to Claims and Non-Admission: Add these sections which explain that the releasor does not give up any right to claim and that they know the releasee does not admit any liability. 

  4. Specify the total payment: Write the amount of money that must be paid in compensation to the releasor. 

  5. Add signature section: Include a section for each party’s signature and the consequences of signing the document. 

Make certain that your document is well written and not missing any details by using our Car Accident Release of Liability Form template. 

Sample Letter of Release of Liability for a Car Accident

To better understand how your form should be drafted, we have included an example of a simple Release of Liability Form for car accidents below. 

Review the sample document to make certain that you know how your document should be created. 

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Car Accident Release of Liability form

Other Personal and Family Forms

Situations may arise that call for a document similar to a Car Accident Release of Liability Form to be used. 

Go over these related documents to help you in this legal matter or other circumstances:

For each document, LawDistrict has ready-to-use templates to quickly create the legal form. 

FAQs About Car Accident Release Forms

Making a Car Accident Release Form can raise a few doubts. For that reason, we have answered the most common questions about the document. 

Review the following responses to clear up any doubts you may have about creating your form. 

How to Get a Car Accident Release of Liability Form?

The normal route to get a Car Accident Release of Liability usually involves going to a lawyer. 

However, by asking a lawyer to make your document you would likely need to pay an over-the-top amount. It likely also means waiting more time than you have to. 

You can draft your form for significantly less money and in minutes with our Car Accident Release of Liability Form template.

Do I Need to Sign a Car Accident Release of Liability Form when Personally Settling?

Even if you personally settle you should sign a Car Accident Release of Liability Form

When you and the victim of the accident make this document you will be protected from any future claims

If you do not sign any type of release you run the risk of being taken to court by the car accident victim in the future. 

Do I Need to Inform My Insurance Agent About the Accident?

It is highly recommended to let your insurance agent know about the accident. In general, your insurance company will handle all financial compensation that must be made to the releasor. 

It’s also important to do so quickly If you wait too long your agency may refuse to pay. 

By letting your insurance agent know about the accident and the settlement you can be sure all necessary payments will be carried out, and the dispute can be quickly taken care of.

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Car Accident Release of Liability form

You are only a few steps away from your own Car Accident Release of Liability Form!

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Preview of your Car Accident Release of Liability

This Car Accident Release of Liability (referred to as the 'Agreement') is dated as of _________ and is made BY AND BETWEEN:
I, _________, the Releasor, and with a permanent address at: _________
(the "Releasor")
The Releasee, _________, with a permanent address at: _________
the ("Releasee")
IN CONSIDERATION OF the covenants and terms contained in this Agreement and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties to this Agreement agree to the following:


1. In consideration of __________________________________________________________________________________, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is acknowledged, the Releasee, the Releasee's spouse, heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, and assigns are released and forever discharged by the Releasor from all manner of action, debts, accounts, bonds, contracts, claims, and demands for or by reason of any damage, loss, or injury to person and property which has been or may be sustained as a result of an accident involving a motor vehicle. The motor vehicle accident is described below:

Details of Accident 2. The accident as a result of which the claim is produced occurred in _________ on _________ at _________. The accident is described in the manner that follows: _________.
Concurrent Release

3. The Releasor acknowledges that this Agreement is intended to extinguish certain obligations owed to the Releasor and to bind the Releasor's spouse, heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, and assigns.

4. The Releasor has received good and adequate value consideration for this release, which includes a mutual release of the Releasor.
Full and Final Settlement

5. The Releasor understands and acknowledges that they may have suffered injuries or complications unknown at present. The settlement amount was determined taking into consideration this possibility, and the Releasor is releasing these unknown claims as part of this full and final settlement.
6. The parties to this Agreement mutually agree not to make any claim or initiate proceedings against any other party, including another person or corporation, that might claim contribution or indemnity under the provisions of any statute or otherwise.
7. The Releasor and the Releasee hereby declare that the terms of this settlement are fully understood. Further, the Parties hereby acknowledge that the amount or type of consideration stated herein is the sole consideration for this Agreement, and the sum is accepted voluntarily with the purpose of effecting a full and final compromise, adjustment, and settlement of all claims for injuries, losses, and damages resulting or which may result from the motor vehicle accident described above.
8. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties to this settlement, its terms are contractual in nature, and these do not constitute a recital of non-binding terms.
No Admission of Liability

9. It is hereby agreed by the Parties that the payment herein stated shall not be construed and interpreted as an admission of liability on the Releasee or any other party's part.
Governing Law

10. This Agreement shall be governed, interpreted, and construed under the laws of the State of Alabama.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Releasor and Releasee have duly affixed their signatures under hand and seal on this _________.

Witness: _________________

(Seal) _________ 


Witness: _________________

(Seal) _________ 


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