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Free Media Release Form

Use our Free Media Release Form template to let another party use your photos, videos, or audio recordings. Create a legal document that ensures your media is used the way you allow it to be used.

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Last Update March 4th, 2023


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What is a Media Release Form

A media release form is a legal form that grants authority to a party to reproduce or edit media that you appear in, typically for commercial use. 

This could include a video of you or a recording that you made.  

A Media Release Form can specify how and where your media will be used. 

That way, if someone posts your video on their website, they won't be able to claim ownership of it.

There are other common types of Media Release Forms, including: 

  • Photo/Video Release 

  • Podcast Release 

Parents or guardians will need to sign a Media Release Form for anyone under the age of 18. 

In this case, a Media Release Form for Students should be used.

Use our Media Release Form template to correctly draft your document in minutes

What Content Is Covered in a Media Release Form

How the form is written depends on the media and how the creator allows it to be used. It is also dependent on what the other party wants to use it for.

The media may be used only one time, or it could be used over a prolonged period. 

Here is what is typically included in a Media Release Form: 

  • Names of the Releasee and Releasor 

  • Specific media that will be used

  • How the media will be used

  • Compensation terms 

  • Period of authorization

  • How the media may be altered

  • Day that the authorization comes into effect 

For the agreement to be considered valid, it must also include the signature of the releasor (party releasing their rights.)

Importance of Media Release Forms

It's essential to have a media release form because it helps protect you and your videos or audio from being used without consent.

It outlines how the releasee’s media should be used and provides proof of the terms in case a party breaches the conditions. 

Here is why Media Release Forms are important documents when permitting another party to use your videos and photos. 

Ensures parties comply with privacy

The authorization ensures that the releasee knows exactly how the media will be used and for how long it will be used

It helps to prevent any privacy rights violations if a party wants to upload the media to a site that is not part of the agreement.

Prevents legal disputes

Having written records of any compensation agreement can help both parties avoid any future legal disputes.

That is why having a Media Release Form is essential, to avoid relying on agreements made orally. 

Gives Proof

In case there is a need for litigation, having a Media Release Form provides proof regarding your agreement on how the media was meant to be used and for how long. 

That way if one party tries to abuse the authorization, you will have a written record

Media Release Form Sample

To have an easier time drafting your document, you should review an example

That is why we have included a sample Media Release Form below to help you see the proper structure of the document. 

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FAQs About Media Release Forms

There are common questions regarding Media Release Forms that most people ask when they decide they want to write the document. 

Review the answers to the following questions to ensure you understand all the critical details regarding this legal document. 

When is a Media Release Form Needed?

If someone wants to use your media, whether it is an individual or corporation, you should use a Media Release Form

Personal data is any detail that permits another person to recognize someone in a video or audio recording. 

That is why many times news stations blur a person’s image and change their voice so that person cannot be identified. 

What is a Standard Release Form?

A Standard Release Form is also known as a Release of Liability Form. 

It’s usually created and signed before the releasor takes part in an activity that could result in an accident, damages, or the loss of money. 

A Media Release Form is a type of Release of Liability document, there are others such as a Copyright Release Form.

How to get a Media Release Form

With the right tools, you can easily create your own Media Release Form

Lawyers are often asked to create Media Release Forms as well. However, this method is typically expensive and time-consuming. 

Draft your legal document in a matter of minuteswith our Media Release Form template and skip the excessive legal fees.  

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