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Free Photo Release Form

Use our Free Photo Release Form to let others use your photographs for commercial or personal purposes. Draft a legally compliant form to make sure that your images are treated the way you desire.

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Last Update May 16th, 2023


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What is a Photography Release Form

A Photo Release Form is a legal form that typically provides photographers consent to use an individual's imagefor commercial or personal use. 

There are 2 parties involved in a Photography Release Form, known as the:

  • Releasor

  • Releasee 

The Releasor gives consent to the other party to use their image for free or in exchange for a fee, also called a royalty. 

The Releasee, usually a photographer or publisher, wants to use the releasor’s image in a publication.

Use LawDistrict’s Photo Release Form template to draft your document in just minutes.

When Do You Need a Photo Release Form

Businesses often use photographs in their marketing material such as brochures, websites, and other promotional content. 

These photographs will typically contain recognizable images of individuals. It is mostly in such cases that Photo Release Forms are required. 

Using a Photograph Release Form can grant you the authorization to obtain, use, and distribute an individual's photograph for profit.

Photo Release Forms are usually not necessary when taking photographs in public spaces. It is widely accepted that anyone on public premises is not looking for any form of privacy. In many cases also, it may not even be practical to get a Photo Release Form. For example, a concert in a public park.

There are 8 main types of Photo Release Forms:

Property Release Form

In this case, there are no individuals depicted in the photograph. Instead, they may contain other private property, such as a house or a car.

Minor Photo Release Form 

This type of form is used when someone under 18 years of age appears in a photograph. A parent or legal guardian will need to sign on their behalf.

Photo Print Release Form

This form defines the legal terms under which a photograph can be printed and used.

Photo Copyright Release Form

With this form, the photographer holds the copyright and defines how the other party may use it.

Model Release Form

It outlines the terms of cooperation between a photographer and a model, including remuneration and use of the images.

Daycare Photo Release Form

It provides consent to use photographs taken at a daycare center.

Employee Photo Release Form

This document grants permission to be photographed at work. As it does not expire, it can be revoked at any time by the employee.

Pet Photo Release Form

This form is used to provide authorization to photograph domestic animals, such as dogs and cats.

How to Write a Photo Release Form

Photo Releases must follow a specific structure for them to be considereda valid legal form.

They should include the terms and conditions, as well as the parties' personal information. 

Add the following sections to create your document: 

  1. Party information: Include the names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of the parties involved. 

  2. Terms and Conditions: Specify the terms under which the image may be used. Don’t forget to add a detailed description of the photograph, a summary of how it will be used, and the date.

  3. Signatures: Write your name, the date, and then sign the document. Make sure both parties do this. 

Take advantage of LawDistrict’s Photo Release Form template to ensure your document includes all necessary information

Photo Release Form Sample

The best way to approach drafting a Photo Release Form is by reviewing an example.

We have included aPhoto Release Form samplebelow to provide you with the right structure for the document. 

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FAQs about Photo Release Forms

Make sure that you understand all the critical aspects regarding Photo Release Forms.

You can do this by reviewing these answers to the most frequently asked questions on the matter.

What Are the Parties Involved in a Photo Release Form?

There are 2 main parties involved in a Photo Release Form:

  • Releasor. The person authorizing the use of the photograph, generally the model, the photographer, or both. The form can be adapted for more than one party to grant release. Each person named in the form is expected to sign it to make it valid.

  • Releasee. The person or entity authorized to use the photograph. Should the Releasee be a commercial entity, make sure to add the right status, such as “LLP.” or “Inc.”

What is the Difference Between Photo Release and Model Release?

Photo Releases and Model Releases are two different types of legal documents.

A Model Release Form gives the photographer not just the copyright, but also the right to use the image in a publication and for commercial purposes. 

In short, a Model Release Formbenefits the photographer.

A Photo Release Form authorizes someone to print or reproduce photos for personal use. In other words, itbenefits the client.

How to Get a Print Photography Release Form?

While going to a lawyer might be your first thought when thinking about creating a Photography Release Form, it may be quite expensive and time-consuming. 

Do you know you can create your own Photography Release Form with the right tools?

Easily draft your own in minutes by using LawDistrict’s Photo Release Form Template to use immediately.

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