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What is a Demand Letter

A Demand Letter is a legal form that serves as a final notice for resolving a matter, typically a debt, before the sender takes legal action against the recipient. It outlines the grounds for the debt and debt recovery strategies.

Sending a Demand Letter highlights the seriousness of the situation by imposing a strict deadline and notifying the recipient of the sender's intent to sue.

Other names for a Demand Letter include:

  • Debt collection letter
  • Letter of demand (LOD)
  • Payment demand letter
  • Final Demand For Payment

When to Use a Demand Letter

A Demand Letter is a tool typically used to pursue payment when someone owes you money. However, it is essential to consider each situation's unique circumstances and approach them accordingly.

A legal Demand Letter will typically be recommended when:

  • payment has not been received within the agreed-upon time frame
  • You have contacted the company about the situation, and they have indicated they will remedy it but haven't done so in a reasonable amount of time
  • You have been charged for a service or product that was not provided or delivered
  • A company has refused to credit your account, and you believe credit is warranted

How to Write a Demand Letter

To be legally valid, a Demand Letter form must be carefully drafted, as it will make it easier in the event that you need to go to court to defend your case.

Complete these steps to draft an effective Demand Letter:

  1. Begin with an introduction. Clearly state the reason for writing the letter, whether it's to demand payment, action, or an insurance claim.
  2. Present the issue in detail. Describe the situation providing as much information as possible, such as the amount owed, a description of the action required, damages, etc.
  3. Attach supporting evidence. Attach relevant documentation that supports your demand, such as contracts, receipts, or photographs.
  4. State the terms of your settlement (optional). For example, if you're collecting a debt, you may accept a settlement for less than the full amount or settle for installment payments.
  5. Provide contact information. Include the names and contact information of both the sender and recipient in the letter.

Remember to keep the tone polite and professional, as the letter may be used in legal proceedings.

Use LawDistrict’s Demand Letter template to make the writing process easier to help you avoid making any mistakes on your document.

Demand Letter for Payment Example

Demand Letters for payment are one of the most common types of demand forms. They are typically the last notice sent to a debtor regarding an outstanding payment, asking them to make amends by paying the due balance.

Examine the following example to create yours:

From: [Your Name]

Address: [Your Address]

To: [Recipient’s Name]

Address:[Recipient’s Address]


Dear [Name],

Through this letter, I hereby demand you to pay the quantity of $[Debt amount] for the Debts related to:

[Cause of debt] before the [Due Date].

If you ignore this notice, I inform you that we will initiate all the legal procedures in accordance with state and

Federal Laws so that the payment of the amount owed is carried out.

Please, use this letter as official demand notice that can be used as proof in court in case you fail to pay. If this

happens, you will also be responsible for any court costs and fees.

I hope we can solve this problem in the simplest possible way for both of us.



[Your name]

How to Send a Demand Letter

While Demand Letters are generally informal and can be delivered personally or by mail, sending one via email or text may not fulfill the legal requirements for proof of delivery.

These are the most legally secure methods to deliver a Demand Letter:

  • Hiring a lawyer to deliver it on your behalf.
  • Sending it by registered mail.
  • Delivering it in person and obtaining an Affidavit of Service.

Remember that sending a Demand Letter before filing a legal claim is mandatory in some states, such as Florida and Texas.

Why Send a Demand Letter

There are some benefits that come from sending a Demand Letter before filing a lawsuit, such as:

  • Indicating your good faith in trying to resolve the issue.
  • Demonstrating you are serious about solving the issue.
  • Saving you time and money by facilitating a speedy resolution.

Sample Demand Letter

Before drafting your own Demand Letter, it's advisable to examine a sample as a reference.

Take a look at this Demand Letter example below before starting your own:

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Demand Letter Sample

FAQs About Letter of Demand

It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of Demand Letters before beginning to draft your own document.

To assist you in clearing up any doubts you may have, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers.

How Much Does a Demand Letter Cost?

Sending a demand letter through an attorney can prove to be a useful method for settling various disputes.

However, the price will depend on your personal circumstances regarding your needs and how your letter is drafted. Our Demand Letter template can also be used as a reliable foundation for the legal form creation process.

Once completed, it’s recommended to have the document reviewed by a legal professional.

What to Do if Someone Does Not Respond to a Demand Letter?

A Demand Letter specifies a deadline by which the recipient must respond. If the deadline passes, and the recipient fails to acknowledge or accept the conditions outlined in your letter, your next step is to take legal action by filing a lawsuit.

Ensure you include a copy of the original letter to substantiate your claim.

How to Get a Demand Letter Online?

There are multiple options to create a Demand Letter online.

We recommend you use LawDistrict's free Demand Letter template, which can be used as a smart legal solution.

However, it’s recommended that you have it reviewed by a qualified attorney, to make sure it meets all the requirements in your case.

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Demand Letter Sample

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From: _________
Address: _________
Phone number: _________
Email: _________
________ day of ________________, ________
To: _________
Address: _________
To whom it may concern:
Claim Number _______________
On _________, I was engaged in the subsequent incident:



Without prejudicing my rights to full recovery, I am willing to accept the sum of $_________ USD as a forbearance to refrain from pursuing legal action for all damages resulting from the incident on _________, provided this payment is made within _________ day(s) from the date of this letter.
If I do not receive a response from you within _________ day(s) from the date of this letter, I will proceed with legal action. It is important to note that if legal proceedings become necessary to seek compensation for the damages I have endured, this letter will be presented as evidence of your failure to attempt resolution. As a consequence, you may be held liable for court costs, attorney fees, and additional damages.
You can contact me at _________.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

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