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What Is a College Letter of Recommendation

A College Letter of Recommendation is a written endorsement of a college applicant. 

A Letter of Recommendation for College is a concise, formal statement that highlights the applicant's strengths and capabilities. It also details why they will succeed at the college to which they are applying.

The letter is submitted by someone that knows the applicant well, especially someone who knows about their academic accomplishments during their school career. 

It is a significant part of a college application and can be the difference between a student being admitted into the college or not. 

Use our Recommendation Letter for College template to make the writing process stress-free and simple. 

College Recommendation Letter Text Sample

To help you understand what is required to write a Recommendation Letter for College, we have included a sample below.


Dear, [Sir/Madam/To whom it may concern]

I am writing to recommend [recommended person’s full name] for [college/university].

Having known [recommended person] for [months/years known] as their [teacher/coach/guidance counselor] I am certain that they will thrive at [college] due to their [main positive qualities].

During their time [studying] with me, [he/she] has always impressed me with [his/her] [1-2 examples of other relevant strengths] and I am therefore confidently able to recommend [recommended person] based on this experience.

I would also be more than happy to provide further details about [recommended person] if needed. I can be contacted directly via [phone number] or my personal email address: [email address].



[Printed name]

Importance of a Letter of Recommendation for College

College admission staff look at Letters of Recommendation for College when they're deciding whether to accept a student or not. 

They want to know what kind of person and student the applicant is. 

A College Letter of Recommendation explains the following:

  • How well the student would fit in at the school
  • Why they will be a successful student
  • All of their most important academic and personal accomplishments

That’s why it’s essential to submit a well-written letter

Students may also need a letter of recommendation for college scholarships to apply for forms of financial aid, and some schools require them before the request can be accepted.

If you were asked to write a College Letter of Recommendation, it is essential to do it in the correct format.

How to Write a College Recommendation Letter

It is essential when writing a Letter of Recommendation for College to write it accurately. 

This means using the correct structure and including all the necessary details to give a well-written endorsement of the applicant that has asked you to advocate on their behalf. 

Add the following to correctly create your letter. 

  • Greeting: State who you are advocating and that you are happy to be recommending them.
  • Duration of the relationship: Include how long you have known the applicant.
  • Details of Establishment: Mention the place where you met the applicant and if he or she was your student or if you had another type of relationship.
  • Qualities of the applicant: Explain what they are best at and their skills, perhaps you can mention if they are a good leader or manages their study time wisely.
  • Sign off: Give a farewell with a quick summary of the content of your letter, and then sign the letter.

Take advantage of our College Letter of Recommendation template to include all the previous information in your letter without hassle.

What to Include in a Letter of Recommendation for College

When writing a College Letter of Recommendation, there are certain details that you will need to provide. Without including the following information, it is not likely that your letter will do the applicant any good. 

To ensure your letter of recommendation will impress a college recruiter or admission board, it should include the following

  1. Salutation to the admissions committee
  2. How you met the applicant and how long you’ve known them for
  3. Positive attributes of the applicant that shows he/she will succeed
  4. Specific Stories that demonstrate the applicant’s qualities
  5. Sign off

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation for College

If you are applying to a college or university shortly, and need a recommendation, it is always best to not only ask the correct person but also in the correct way

If you are going to ask a teacher or someone you know from your school who can describe your personality and academic qualifications, follow the steps below to ask in the most cordial way possible. 

  1. Contact the person you would like to recommend you and let them know you’re interested in getting a letter for the school you’re applying to.

  2. If you have any questions or concerns, now would be the time to bring them up. You want them to understand what kind of letter you require, and what their expectations are going into this process.

  3. Tell them when you expect your letter to be written and sent out (typically within two weeks).

  4. Provide any other information they might need, such as copies of past assignments or examples that demonstrate your strengths.

By asking in this manner, you give the person that will write your College Letter of Recommendation all the time and necessary details to write a well-written letter. 

College Letter of Recommendation Sample

To provide even more clarity regarding how to write your letter, we have provided an example below. 

Review the sample letter to ensure that you write your letter the best way possible.

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College Recommendation Letter Sample

FAQs About College Recommendation Letters

Review the answers to the most common questions regarding how to write a College Recommendation Letter. 

By reading the answers, you’ll be able to clear up any confusion you may still have concerning the subject. 

How many Letters of Recommendation for College are needed?

The amount of College Recommendation Letters a student must submit depends on the college

Some colleges or universities are a bit more relaxed regarding College Letters of Recommendation. However, some request multiple letters

In general, an applicant will be asked to submit anywhere from one to three Letters of Recommendation for College.

Have up to three people in mind that can give you a solid recommendation.

Who can write a Letter of Recommendation for College?

Teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors are often the best option for letters of recommendation for college because they know you well and your academic accomplishments. 

You could receive a College Recommendation Letter from a friend or family member, however, this wouldn’t be ideal. 

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College Recommendation Letter Sample

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