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Use our Non-Renewal Lease Letter template to notify your tenant or landlord that you will not be renewing your lease agreement. Ensure you give the required notice with our legal document. 

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What Is a Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease

A Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease Letter is a document that is used to formally notify a landlord or tenant that you will not continue with your lease agreement

The lease will normally give instructions to tenants regarding how to pay their final rental payments and the moving-out process. 

This letter is not considered to be an eviction notice, as you will only be formally ending the agreement at the end date. 

However, if a tenant refuses to vacate when the agreement ends, an eviction notice could be used and an unlawful detainer case can begin. 

When you give the letter to either the landlord or tenant, it must be given with enough notice to be considered valid. 

States have different notice requirements regarding terminating a lease. It is essential to understand how much notice is required before delivering your letter. 

Use our Non-Renewal Lease Letter template to easily create your document in minutes. 

Non-Renewal Reasons

When providing a Non-Renewal of Lease Letter, a landlord or tenant doesn't need to give a reason as to why they would like to end the agreement. 

However, it would be a good idea to mention why you are choosing not to renew the agreement.

Some reasons a lease is not renewed include: 

  • Landlord change 

  • Repairs or renovations to the property 

  • Tenant or landlord who has committed at least one breach of contract 

  • Construction

Stating the reason for the non-renewal will prevent the other party (mostly tenants) from claiming the reason is discrimination or retaliation

If a landlord ends a lease agreement for either of these reasons, the non-renewal may be considered illegal

Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease Example

It is important to know how to structure legal forms correctly before you start creating a document. 

Below, you can find an example of a Not Renewing Lease Letter to give you an idea of how to outline your document

[Landlord’s address]


Dear [Tenant’s name], 

This letter is a formal notification that your current lease at [address of rental property] will not be renewed after [final day of contract], and your final base rent date will be [date of final payment]. 

You must leave the rental property by the end of the final day of your tenancy. The residence must be found in the same state that it was found when the tenancy began, aside from normal wear and tear. Any repair for damages inflicted on the property that you caused will be deducted from the security deposit. Keys shall also be returned upon exit. 

You are still responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of the lease until the tenancy terminates.

Please acknowledge your acceptance by providing your signature and the date below. 

Kind regards, 

[Landlord’s name] 

[Landlord’s signature]

Signature: [Tenant’s signature]Date: [Date of signature] 

How to Write a Letter of Non-Renewal Lease

To correctly write a Letter of Non-Renewal Lease, it is essential to include all the necessary information in your document. 

Failing to leave out important details could lead to the lease continuing against your wishes. 

Follow the steps below to ensure all the necessary key information is included in your document. 

  1. Enter the date and personal information: Add the date you are writing the document along with your name and address. 

  2. Mention the tenant(s): Include the name or names of each tenant that signed the lease agreement.

  3. Include details about the property: Write the address of the rental property and mention when it will be inspected. 

  4. Mention the final day of tenancy: Include the final day of the tenancy, and ensure that you provide enough notice based on your state’s minimum notification requirements. 

  5. Add your signature: Sign the document and include the date along with your name in print. 

It is also critical that the tenant provides a signature that acknowledges that they received the notification and when. 

Download our Non Renewal Lease Letter template to ensure that your document has all the required information

How to Send a Not Renewal Lease Letter

How you send a Not Renewing Lease Letter is nearly as important as how you create the document. 

Ensuring the letter arrives with enough notice and proof that it was received can be done by sending the letter in one of the following ways: 

  • Certified mail

  • Restricted certified mail 

By using these mailing methods, the tenant, or landlord must provide a signature that acts as evidencethat the other party received the notice within the legal limits

Sample Letter Not Renewing Lease

To further help you understand how to create your legal document, we have provided a Not Renewing Lease Letter sample. 

Review the following example to know how to outline your document correctly.

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Not Renewing Lease Letter Sample

Other Real Estate Documents

There are legal real estate documents that you may benefit from in similar circumstances

Other legal forms can provide you insight when it comes to having a lease and dealing with a tenant or landlord. 

Some of these documents include: 

Look over these documents when you are planning to end or begin a tenancy. 

FAQs About Not Renewing Lease Letters

Creating a Not Renewing Lease Letter may not always seem straightforward to some. That is why we have answered the most common questions regarding writing this legal document. 

Have a look below at the answers to the most common questions regarding Non-Renewal Lease Letters. 

How to Get a Not Renewal Lease Letter?

Many people who need a Not Renewal Lease Letter often go to a lawyer, however, this option can be very expensive and time-consuming. 

To prevent holdover tenants and squatters, it’s best to create your document with enough time to provide sufficient notice and with every key detail included. 

Download our Not Renewal Lease Letter template to skip long wait times and excessive legal fees. 

What Is the Minimum Notice a Landlord Can Give?

The amount of notice required to give to a tenant to not renew a lease agreement depends on the state where the rental property is located. 

By not providing written notice, your lease agreement valid for one year will become a month-to-month tenancy

If this happens, landlords will normally need to provide 30 days' notice to end the tenancy, and the notice must be written.  

How Do I Write a Termination Letter to My Landlord?

As a tenant, you also have the right to end your lease agreement. However, just like a landlord, you must provide sufficient notice and include all the necessary details in your letter. 

In your letter, you must include your personal information, as well as state your intention to vacate the premises at the end of the lease. 

Include how much of your security deposit you expect to be returned (all of it if the residence was kept in good condition), and how your landlord can get in touch with you. 

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Not Renewing Lease Letter Sample

You are only a few steps away from your own Not Renewing Lease Letter!

Download our professional examples

Preview of your Not Renewing Lease Letter


_________, _________, _________, _________
_________, _________, _________, _________
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE you are hereby informed that the lease agreement for the property above-mentioned you occupy will expire in _________ and will not be renewed or converted to a month-to-month tenancy. Please abstain from paying rent beyond the end of the lease term, and note that any rent payment accepted in error after that will be refunded.
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that you must vacate the premises and give possession to _________ on the termination date. We kindly ask you to return the premises in the same condition you found them when you moved in, except for normal wear and tear. Moreover, we request you return all keys when vacating the premises. If you fail to vacate the premises by the termination date, we may initiate legal proceedings to regain possession of the premises.

Dated: _________

     By: ______________________________
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