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What Is a Professional Letter of Recommendation?

A Professional Letter of Recommendation is a letter written to support someone you know for a job. Normally the letter is for a current or former employee.

However, you may also be asked to write a Recommendation Letter for a friend or a coworker.

A Professional Letter of Recommendation is also known as a Professional Reference Letter.

Writing this letter can greatly increase an applicant's chances of getting the job.

The letter explains how long you have known the applicant and their skills at work.

There are 2 types of letters you can write:

  • General Letter of Recommendation
  • Letter of Recommendation for a Specific Post

If you are applying, make sure to choose the right type of letter and the best person to write it.

Use LawDistrict’s Professional Letter of Recommendation template to write your letter without stress.

Example of a Professional Reference Letter

Whether you need a general or specific Reference Letter, it's good to look at an example first.

You may be wondering, what are the different types of Professional Letters of Recommendation?

Here are some examples of Reference Letters:

  • Professional Business Recommendation Letter
  • Professional Letter of Recommendation for a Nurse

To understand how to format these types of letters, or even a more general one, review the example below.

[Your name]

[Your position and company]

[Your Company address]


[Name of hiring manager]

[Hiring manager’s company]

[Company address]

Dear [Full name of hiring manager],

I am writing this letter to recommend [applicant name] for [position] at [company name]. For three years, [name] has worked for me and has been a valuable asset to our company.

[Name] is reliable, a team player, and always gives 100% effort every day. [His/her] proficiency in [subject] helped the entire team and helped us succeed. [Name] used this skill to accomplish [achievement].

The amount of work we receive can be very demanding, but [name] always submits his work ahead of schedule and can plan his work ahead of time. [He/she] has also been a great coworker and never had a problem with anyone else in the company.

For these reasons, I can confidently recommend you to accept [name] for the position of [job position]. [He/she] will instantly bring quality and dedication to your workplace thanks to [his/her] qualifications and experience.

If you have any further questions regarding [name]’s application, feel free to contact me at any time.

Kind Regards,

[Your name]

How To Write a Professional Reference Letter

Writing a Professional Letter of Recommendation can be tricky when you try to make one without any reference.

There are various details to include and steps to follow to use the correct format. By writing your letter correctly, you help give the applicant a great chance of being offered a contract.

To help you write a clear and precise document, we've listed everything to include in your letter below.

Names and Date

Write your name, address, or your company’s address if you are a coworker or employer.

Then add the name and address of the hiring manager who is reviewing the application of your employee or colleague. Remember to enter the date you are sending the letter as well.

Work Relationship

Describe how you know the person you are recommending. Mention if your letter is a:

  • Professional Recommendation Letter for an employee from a manager
  • Professional Letter of Recommendation for a coworker

Additionally, include how closely you worked together and other relevant information.

The Applicant’s Skills

Write about what the applicant is good at. This includes soft or hard skills they possess, and most importantly, how those skills helped the company.

Include any achievements or big sales the applicant attained.

How the Applicant Stood Out

Mention any moments the applicant stood out from the rest of the group. Write about the applicant’s skills and how he solved problems to increase productivity or profit.

You can also mention how the job applicant managed a team.

Download our Professional Reference Letter template to make the writing process simple.

Professional Letter of Recommendation Sample

To provide further assistance, we have included a sample of a Professional Letter of Recommendation below.

Review the following sample for a clear idea of what to include and how to structure your letter.

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Professional recommendation letter sample

FAQs About Professional Recommendation Letters

If you still have any doubts about how to write a Professional Letter of Recommendation, you can refer to the following section of the most asked queries below.

Review the frequently asked questions to clear up any doubts you still may have about writing your letter.

How To Ask for a Professional Letter of Recommendation

Find someone that knows you well and can attest to your skills and experience. This person could be an employer, teacher, client, or coworker.

They should be able to give a detailed description of you and what you can bring to the new company.

You can ask this person by email, phone, or in person to write your Letter of Recommendation.

How To Get a Professional Reference Letter

If you need help drafting a Professional Reference Letter or a legal document, you can go to a lawyer or use a reverse recruiting service.

However, these services can be expensive and even time-consuming.

With our Professional Reference Letter template, you can use the outline to complete the writing process quickly and without excessive fees.

Can a Friend Write a Professional Reference?

A friend can write a Professional Letter of Recommendation, however, there are some things to keep in mind.

If you ask a friend to write you a letter, make sure they've known you for a long time. They should be able to attest to your personality positively.

If they can mention your work skills positively, that may help even more.

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Professional recommendation letter sample

You are only a few steps away from your own Professional Letter of Recommendation!

Download our professional examples

Preview of your Professional Letter of Recommendation

_____ day of _____________, 20____
To Whom It May Concern,
During the _________ I have been _________ _________'s _________ at _________, I have witnessed him display exceptional skills as: _________.
I am confident that _________'s attitude and skills would make him a valuable contributor to any organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions you may have.

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