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Also Known As

Pre-Employment Screening Consent

Criminal History Check Permission

Background Verification Authorization


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What Is a Background Check Authorization?

A Background Check Authorization Form is a document that grants a third party the right to look up someone’s criminal and credit records.

Typically, these legal forms are used by employers and landlords to confirm the eligibility of candidates and tenants.

But what does it mean to authorize a background check, exactly?

For tenants, it involves disclosing information about their credit and criminal history, which in turn allows landlords to decrease the chances of illegal occupation of their premises.

For employment candidates, authorizing potential employers to perform a criminal check might be a condition to getting hired. This is particularly so when the position involves handling confidential information on a regular basis.

Drafting a legally compliant Background Check Authorization Form is essential for requestors needing additional information to make safe decisions about a person’s suitability for business or employment.

Use our free Background Check Authorization Form to create your document and steer clear of legal stress.

Types of Background Check Authorizations

There are 3 basic types of Background Authorization forms:

  • Employer background check. With this type, employment candidates concede authorization to potential employers to check if they have a criminal record. Oklahoma, Minnesota, and California demand applicants get a copy of the report.
  • Tenant background check. Run to prevent eviction processes, landlords use background checks to confirm potential tenants are free of criminal records. In most cases, the Releasor (the person granting authorization) carries the costs.
  • FBI background check. Job applicants for positions involving the handling of confidential information are often requested to undergo this type of investigation. Only Releasors can initiate the process in this case.

Why Is a Background Check Authorization Important?

Obtaining authorization to conduct a background check is a legal requirement in federal and state laws. A third party can under no circumstances run a background investigation without the Releasor’s consent.

The person granting authorization can request a copy of the report and contest the results. If the report reflects any inaccuracies, the Releasor can demand their correction.

On a different level, background checks can help corporations and institutions avoid dealing with individuals with criminal histories, which results in less litigation and lower costs.

Getting authorization to run background investigations is essential for the following reasons:

  • To only engage with the most suitable people.
  • To avoid theft and other forms of crime.
  • To create a safe business environment.
  • To prevent public disputes.

How To Write a Background Check Authorization

A Background Check Authorization Form must follow a specific outline. Failing to include all the necessary sections and information may cause the document to be considered invalid.

Review the stepsbelow on how to write your document:

  1. Download a template. Save time in the writing process and ensure legal validity using a pre-prepared form.
  2. Fill out the company details. Apart from the address and telephone number, add other information, such as the company website address.
  3. Include Releasor details. Ensure there is a checkbox where the person investigated can express their wish to receive a copy of the report.
  4. Sign the document. Releasor and Requestor signatures must be included in the form.

Don’t forget to provide fields for the Releasor’s addresses during the past 7 years, their social security and driver’s license numbers, and any aliases.

Create your document in minutes with our Background Check Authorization Form template with clear and concise step-by-step guidance.

Background Check Authorization Sample

Examining a Background Check Authorization Form template to learn what to include and how to outline your document is essential before you start drafting yours.

Look at the example below to create a valid and concise Background Check Authorization.

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Background Check Authorization Template

FAQs About Background Check Authorization Forms

Clarify any questions regarding Background Check Authorization Forms by reading the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Examine the following additional details before you draft your document.

Can You Say No to a Background Check?

It is voluntary, yes. Nobody can be forced to have a background investigation done on them. However, the employer or landlord may decide not to move forward with the process if the applicant opposes undergoing a background check.

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

Generally, a background check spans a few days to two weeks. Expedited services might reduce this to 24-72 hours. The timeline is influenced by the check's complexity, legal limitations in some jurisdictions, the accuracy of records, and if international checks are involved.

What Could Cause a Background Check To Be Denied?

Typically, background check reports are denied by government agencies because they lack essential information or sections. Ensure the Releasor and Requestor details are complete and correct.

One common reason for background checks to be denied is unclarity or errors about the individual granting authorization.

Lastly, confirm all signatures are included in the document to avoid legal rejection.

Can HR Share a Background Check With the Hiring Manager?

While sharing background check information must be done carefully because of the sensitive nature of the data, hiring managers usually have access to this type of background report.

Workforce planning and ongoing hiring are situations when specifics regarding your criminal history might need to be disclosed to other authorized personnel.

Do You Have To Authorize a Background Check?

Institutions and individuals cannot conduct criminal or credit background checks without Releasor authorization.

Companies often require candidates to undergo background investigations. Refusing to grant permission may result in the applicant being disqualified from the recruitment process.

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Background Check Authorization Template

You are only a few steps away from your own Background Check Authorization!

Download our professional examples

Preview of your Background Check Authorization

Consent to Background and Reference Check
Applicant Name: ___________________
Present Address: _________________________________________________________
Social Security Number: ___________________
     I, _________________, grant authorization to _________________ (the "Company"), located at ___________________________________________________ and its agents, to conduct a comprehensive investigation into my background. This investigation may include my references, character, past employment, education, consumer reports, and criminal history record information kept in state or local files, public or private organizations, and all public records. The purpose of this investigation is to verify the information given in my job application or obtain other information necessary to determine my suitability for the employment.
     I hereby give my consent for the Company to verify all the information provided by me on my application form. Furthermore, I give my consent for any additional investigation that the Company may undertake as a condition of employment or a condition of continued employment. The Company may need to obtain access to and copies of records about this information, and I authorize this access. I also give my consent for the Company to access any medical histories or records about me, and to any other individuals who may be covered by any Company medical insurance or other insurance programs due to my employment.

     In consideration of the above disclosures, I hereby release any person, company, or other entity from any causes of action that may arise from supplying the Company with information it may request under this release. I understand that providing false answers or statements, or misrepresentations by omission, on this application or any related document will result in the rejection of my application or my immediate discharge if such falsifications or misrepresentations are discovered after I am employed.

By: ________________________________       Date: _______________________________
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