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What is a Lease Renewal Agreement

A Lease Renewal Agreement is a formal legal document that outlines the continuation of previously agreed-upon lease terms, often after the original lease term has ended. 

This agreement allows landlords and tenants to renew a lease contract for a new specified period, typically with the option to negotiate and make changes to certain terms like rental amounts or other conditions. 

Both parties must mutually agree to the terms of the renewal, which, once signed, becomes a legally binding document. 

Using a Renewal Lease Agreement helps ensure clarity and protection for both parties, providing a structured framework for extending the tenant's stay in the property under specified conditions.

Sample Lease Renewal Agreement

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the terms and layout of a Lease Renewal Agreement, we have a sample read you can look over.

Refer to our example to gain insight into the appropriate formatting for your renewal.

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Sample Lease Renewal Agreement

How to Renew a Lease

The most straightforward way to renew a lease is by crafting a Lease Renewal letter. This ensures the continuity of a tenancy under agreed-upon terms. 

Follow the essential steps listed below to draft a clear and legally sound agreement between landlord and tenant:

  1. Establish agreement basics: Include the date, names of the landlord and tenant, and the property address.
  2. Detail renewal terms: Specify the renewal duration, rent amount, and any adjustments or modifications.
  3. Incorporate governing provisions: State the governing law and affirm the agreement's comprehensiveness.
  4. Finalize with signatures: Secure signatures from both the landlord and tenant to validate the agreement.

With this agreement in place, both the landlord and tenant can confidently move forward in their continued leasing arrangement.

Use our Lease Renewal agreement PDF to avoid leaving out any essential elements.

What to Include in a Renewal Lease Letter

When renewing a lease, it's important to know the terms involved. Below is a clear summary of a Lease Renewal agreement, outlining the key details both landlords and tenants should be aware of during their continued agreement.

lease renewal agreement elements

Advance Notice of Lease Renewal

Navigating the complexities of lease agreements varies across states. Below, you'll find a quick reference outlining each state's advance notice requirements for renewing or terminating leases, as well as the corresponding legal statute.

State Notification Period for Lease Renewal and Termination Statute
Alabama Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 35-9A-441
Alaska Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 34.03.290
Arizona Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 33-1375
Arkansas Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 18-17-704
California Monthly - 30 days. Over 1 year - 60 days. §§ 1946-1946.1
Colorado 1 year or longer - 91 days.

From 6 months to 1 year - 28 days.

From 1 to 6 months - 21 days.

From 1 week to 1 month - 3 days.

Monthly - 30 days.

§ 13-40-107
Connecticut Monthly - none. Yearly/fixed - 3 days. § 47a-23
Delaware Monthly - 60 days. Yearly/fixed - 60 days. § 5106
District of Columbia Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 42-3505.54
Florida Monthly - 15 days. Yearly/fixed - 60 days. § 83.57
Georgia Monthly - 30 days for tenant, 60 for landlord. Yearly/fixed - none. § 44-7-7
Hawaii Monthly - 28 days for tenant, 45 for landlord. Yearly/fixed - none. § 521-71
Idaho Monthly - 1 month. Yearly/fixed - none. § 55-208
Illinois Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - 60 days. §§ 9/205, 207
Indiana Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. §§ 32-31-1 et seq.
Iowa Monthly - 30 days. Longer than month to month - 30 days. § 562A.34
Kansas Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 58-2570
Kentucky Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 383.695
Louisiana Monthly - 30 days. Longer than 1 month - 30 days. § 2728
Maine Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 6002
Maryland Monthly - 60 days. Yearly/fixed - 90 days. § 8-402
Massachusetts Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 186 § 12
Michigan Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 554.134
Minnesota Monthly - 3 months or length of interval between rental periods (whichever is shorter). Yearly/fixed - none. § 504B.135
Mississippi Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 89-8-19
Missouri Monthly - 1 month. Yearly/fixed - 60 days. §§ 441.050-441.060
Montana Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 70-24-441
Nebraska Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. §§ 76-1437
Nevada Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 40.251
New Hampshire Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 540:3
New Jersey Monthly - 1 month. Yearly/fixed - 3 months. § 2A:18-56
New Mexico Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 47-8-37
New York Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 232-B
North Carolina Monthly - 7 days. Yearly/fixed - 1 month. § 42-14
North Dakota Monthly - 1 month. Yearly/fixed - none. § 47-16-15
Ohio Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 5321.17
Oklahoma Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 41-111
Oregon Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - 30 days (varies if over 1 year). § 90.427
Pennsylvania Over 1 year - 30 days. Under 1 year - 15 days. § 68 Pa. Stat. § 250.501
Rhode Island Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - 3 months. § 34-18-37
South Carolina Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 27-40-770
South Dakota Monthly - 1 month. Yearly/fixed - none. § 43-8-8
Tennessee Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 66-28-512
Texas Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 91.001
Utah Monthly - 15 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 78B-6-802
Vermont Over 2 years - 60 days. Under 2 years - 30 days. § 9 § 4467
Virginia Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - 90 days. § 55.1-1253
Washington Monthly - 20 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 59.18.020
West Virginia Monthly - 30 days. Yearly/fixed - 3 months. § 37-6-5
Wisconsin Monthly - 28 days. Yearly/fixed - none. § 704.19
Wyoming No Statute

Lease Renewal vs Lease Extension

When dealing with property agreements, you'll often hear about Lease Renewal and Lease Extension. They might sound similar, but they've got their own set of rules and details. 

To make things clearer, we've put together a handy comparison table below:

Aspect Lease Renewal Lease Extension
Definition Formal agreement to renew an expiring lease. Extending the existing lease term without formal renewal.
Duration Same or longer than the original lease. Shorter than original lease term.
Changes Possible term and condition changes. Minimal or no changes to terms.
Initiation Initiated by either party. Often by the tenant for short-term needs.
Documentation Requires a new, updated lease agreement. Can be an addendum or verbal in some cases.
Rent Adjustment May adjust rent based on various factors. Usually consistent rent, occasional increases.
Benefits Flexible renegotiation of terms. Quick, short-term solution without redoing lease.
Drawbacks Needs thorough review and renegotiation. Limited changes, temporary in nature.

FAQs About Lease Renewal Agreement

To better assist you with Lease Renewal forms, we've addressed the most frequently posed questions about these agreements.

Take a look at our responses to resolve any uncertainties you might have.

When Should I Use a Lease Renewal Agreement?

A Lease Renewal Agreement is most aptly used when both parties, the landlord and tenant, decide to extend their existing rental relationship beyond the initial agreement's end date. 

As the conclusion of the original lease approaches, it becomes crucial to deliberate on the terms of renewal. 

This agreement not only reaffirms each party's commitment but also ensures that there's no ambiguity about rental conditions, price adjustments, or other specific terms.

Can a Landlord Refuse to Renew a Lease?

Yes, a landlord can typically refuse to renew a lease, depending on the jurisdiction and the terms outlined in the original agreement. 

However, their refusal must comply with local laws and not based on discriminatory reasons. A landlord might choose not to renew due to property plans, non-compliance by the tenant, or other valid reasons.

How Can I Get a Lease Renewal Agreement Form?

Many people first think of lawyers when they need legal papers. It's a reliable choice, but often it comes with high costs and longer waits.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use Lease Renewal agreement template. With our guidance, creating this essential document becomes easier.

Using our templates, you will bypass some of those substantial lawyer bills and save yourself a lot of time.

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Sample Lease Renewal Agreement

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