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What Is a Move-In/Move-Out Checklist

A Move-In/Move-Out Checklist is a document that lists all the items and conditions of a rental property before and after a tenant moves in or out. 

The document is split into 2 sections: 

  • New home Move-In Checklist
  • Move out Checklist

It is used to ensure that both the landlord and the tenant agree on the condition of the property and items. In other words, the form addresses any repairs that need to be attended to during move-in.

Upon move out any damages should be reported, and the landlord can take the necessary amount out of the security deposit

Use our tenant Move-In Checklist template to create your document and ensure your property and items are accounted for.

Why Is it Important to Get a Checklist When Moving In or Out?

A Move-In or Move-Out Checklist for tenants and landlords can benefit both parties. Review the following table that explains how the document helps both tenants and landlords.

Landlord Tenant
Encourages proactive maintenance and upkeep of the property. Provides a chance to spot and report any necessary repairs early on.
Justifies necessary deductions from the security deposit for damages. Helps prevent unnecessary deductions from the security deposit for pre-existing damage.

You ensure accountability and transparency from the other party in addition to legal protection when you use a Checklist. 

What to Include in a Move-In / Move-Out Checklist

When creating your Move-In inspection list and tenant Move-Out Checklist, it’s essential to add the items that need to be reviewed both at the beginning and end of the lease agreement.

You should also separate them into categories based on the rooms they are found in.

Here are the items that should be part of your Checklist:

  • Kitchen: Appliances such as the refrigerator, stove, and exhaust fan, as well as the sink, ceiling, and all other crucial parts of the kitchen.
  • Dining room: Floor, ceiling, table, windows, lighting, and outlets should be included.
  • Bedrooms: Doors, ceiling, floor, closets, lighting, windows, desks, beds, and other typical items and furniture found in the bedroom can be mentioned.
  • Bathrooms: Plumbing fixtures, shower, bathtub, and ventilation fan can be added to your Checklist.
  • Living room: Sofa, television, windows, chairs, along with any lighting may be added.

It’s a good idea to mention the stairs and other common areas of the property as well. If there’s a backyard or garage you can also include the items and features of those areas

How to Write a Move-In / Move-Out Checklist

There are various key elements to add to your Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Checklist. Each section ensures that the other party is responsible for the state of the property and whatever is inside of it. 

These are the steps you must take to write your Checklist correctly:

  1. Write the property details: Include the address of the property, its size inspection dates, and the tenant’s name.
  2. Include all the Items and features: List the items and features of each room that must be inspected, such as windows, doors, and lightbulbs.
  3. Mention the property condition: Create a column of the condition of the items that state the condition of each item that should be added for both move-in and move-out.
  4. Add any costs: Calculate and mention the amount of money spent on repairs.
  5. Put a forwarding address: Add the tenant’s forwarding address if any extra information is needed in the future.
  6. Leave an area for signatures: Keep spaces available on the document for both the landlord’s and tenant’s signatures must also be included so you and the other party can sign and date the document, making it official.

It’s also a good idea to have some additional spaces in your Checklist for any special features in the property. 

Ensure that you are legally protected from any false claims or damages by using our tenant Move-In/Move-Out Checklist template to draft your document error-free.

States-Required Move-In Checklist Statement

Depending on your state, as a landlord, you may be required to provide a Move-In Checklist. The Checklist must state in what condition the property is found. 

Take a look at the table below to see if your state requires a Move-In Checklist.

State Rule State Law
Arizona Must be provided under any circumstances §33-1321(C)
Georgia Must be provided only when a security deposit is taken §44-7-33
Hawaii Must be provided under any circumstances §521-42(6)
Kansas Must be provided under any circumstances §58-2548
Kentucky Must be provided only when a security deposit is taken §383.580(2)
Maryland Must be provided under any circumstances §8-203.1(a)
Massachusetts Must be provided only when a security deposit is taken §186-15B(2)(b)
Michigan Must be provided only when a security deposit is taken §554.608
Montana Must be provided only when a security deposit is taken §70-25-206
Nevada Must be provided under any circumstances §118A.200(k)
New Hampshire Must be provided only when a security deposit is taken §540-A:6(I)(c)
North Dakota Must be provided under any circumstances §47-16-07.2
Oregon (Only Portland) Must be provided under any circumstances §30.01.087(D)(1)
Utah Must be provided under any circumstances §57-22-4(3)
Virginia Must be provided under any circumstances §55.1-1214
Washington Must be provided only when a security deposit is taken §59.18.260
Wisconsin Must be provided only when a security deposit is taken §134.06

Move-In/Out Checklist Sample

To help you make your own Move-In/Move-Out Checklist we have provided a well-crafted example below. 

Use our sample Checklist to understand what to include and how to structure your own document

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Move-In Move-Out Checklist Sample

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When dealing with another party during a tenancy there are similar documents that are needed to help you avoid legal problems. 

Use these related documents to make certain that you and your property are protected throughout a rental period

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FAQs About Move-In/Move-Out Checklist

To completely understand how to use your Checklist we have answered some of the most common queries about the document. 

Review the responses to these questions to ensure that you know exactly how to get and use the document.

What Must be Done After a Move-In Checklist Is Complete?

Once you have completed your Move-In Checklist you must keep a copy of the document for your records

You’ll also need to make sure that you address any reported or unreported issues that you or the other party find upon inspection of the property. 

Remember to keep track of the property periodically by performing inspections and regular maintenance as well. 

How Do I Get a Move-In/Out Checklist?

One of the typical ways to get a Move-In/Move-Out Checklist is to go to a real estate attorney or agent to draft you one. This option, however, can take an unnecessary amount of time and expense. 

You can create your own Move-In/Move-Out Checklist with our easy-to-use template. That way you can save on time without the need to pay for unreasonable legal fees.

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Move-In Move-Out Checklist Sample

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