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What Is an Influencer Agreement

An Influencer Agreement is a legal form that sets out the terms and conditions between a company or advertiser and someone known as an “influencer.” 

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This type of contract is used to provide payment to an influencer in exchange for them advertising a product or service on their social media page(s). It can be for one post, or it can be a long-term campaign between the advertiser and influencer. 

Influencer Agreements are also known as: 

  • Social Media Influencer Contract
  • Influencer Contract
  • Social Media Influencer Agreement

Use our Influencer Contract template to collaborate with an influencer and advertise your product or services. 

What to Include in an Influencer Contract

When creating a Social Media Influencer Contract, it is essential to include all necessary responsibilities and terms

If you leave out any necessary conditions, you risk the task not being completed.

To avoid this, review the following Influencer Contract checklist before creating your document to know what to include.

Content requisites

Provide easy-to-follow instructions on the products and services you would like the influencer to advertise for you. 

Make sure to choose an influencer that has a following related to your product or service. If the influencer posts about food, for example, send them content related to cooking, such as items people use in the kitchen. 

You can also ensure that the influencer does not use yourintellectual property without permission

Social media network

Depending on the influencer, you may find one that only has a large following in one type of platform. However, some are famous across various platforms. 

You can request which type of page the influencer publishes the content on. 

Currently, the most famous social media platforms include:

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Tiktok
  • Twitter

Publishing times

It will be critical for the influencer to publish the content you want when their followers are online.

Ensuring that they post at these hours will give you the best opportunity to have the advertisement seen by the most amount of people possible

This is especially true if the influencer is not incredibly well known just yet. 

Payment terms

Setting the payment conditions is also critical. By doing this, you assure that the influencer gets paid for their services, and you receive everything you ask for

The majority of influencers are paid for each post. You can pay before the influencer publishing if it is a flat fee.

You can work out the pre-determined amount of posts on their social media pages. 

Normally, influencers are paid:

  • For each post
  • Commission (amount of profit made)
  • Free products or services

Brand exclusivity

In the contract, you should establish that the content creator only advertises your brand’sproducts or services

It would be a good idea to ensure that the influencer you are working with does not advertise a competitor to the same followers that he or she is advertising your products or services. 

Download LawDistrict’s Social Media Influencer Contract template to easily create your document and include each essential element. 

Influencer Contract Example

To help you understand how to create your Influencer Contract, we have created a sample document for you to review. 

Go over the outline below to understand how to draft your agreement. 

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Influencer Contract Agreement Sample

Other Business Documents

To hire other types of professionals or ensure you are making a contract that protects your rights as well as the freelancers, you should review the following similar documents.

You may be in a situation that requires you to hire the services of a freelancer like an influencer. 

Each type of professional will need specific conditions to be met to do their jobs well and will ask for specific amounts of money or a certain payment schedule. 

Use LawDistrict’s legal templates to make the process of creating these documents stress-free. 

FAQs About Social Media Influencer Contracts

For further information regarding Influencer Agreements, you can refer to the most frequently asked questions on the subject below. 

Clear up any doubts by reviewing the expert answers to these commonly asked questions.

How much should I charge as a social media influencer?

This depends entirely on the number of followers you have as an influencer. If one of your pages has a massive amount of followers, you can expect to make a lot of money from advertising a product.

If you don’t have that many, you likely won’t be paid as much.

In general, the rule is charging $10 for every 1,000 followers you have. This means if you have around 100,000 followers, you should charge around $1,000 a post.

How to get an Influencer Agreement

A lawyer is a normal way of getting any type of contract, however, this method can take a long time and come with unreasonable legal fees

You can easily make and download your Influencer Agreement without much trouble or expense by using a template.

Use LawDistrict’s Social Media Influencer Contract template to draft a valid agreement in minutes with little effort.

How to ask for a paid collaboration

To make a collaboration with an influencer or a company, you can send an Influencer Agreement proposal. This means you can create an agreement that the other party must agree to the proposal or send a counterproposal. 

The proposal can be sent via the social media platform of the influencer, by email, or by getting in touch with an agent or advertising agency.

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Influencer Contract Agreement Sample

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