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What is an Iowa Residential Lease Agreement

A lease agreement outlines the terms under which a landlord agrees to rent a property to a tenant. It should include the duration of the lease, the size, and frequency of rental payments, information about additional costs and the terms of use of the property.

This legally binding contract should also define which situations constitute lease violations, and what the eviction procedures would be in any of those scenarios. Lease agreements are of a longer duration than rental agreements, but they’re otherwise similar in purpose and structure.

It’s important to note that lease agreements need to comply with any lease-related laws in the state where the property is located.

Types of Iowa Lease Agreements

There are many types of IA lease agreement forms that can be used to manage and legally bind many different types of rental situations. They allow landlords to rent out various types of property they might have and for tenants to find the best kind of tenancy for their needs.

The most common types of lease agreements in Iowa include:

Type of Lease Agreement Description
Standard Fixed set of terms that both the landlord and tenant commit to for a series of months or years.
Rent-to-own Rent-to-own options allow the possibility for tenants to purchase the property they are renting.
Month-to-month Similar basic terms to standard lease agreements, but they can be renewed or ended each month.
Commercial Utilized by tenants that intend to use a piece of real estate to run a business.
Room rental Rental properties that are located within shared living areas.
Sublease Permits tenants to assign or “sublease” the property to another person.

Disclosures for Iowa Lease Agreements

Disclosures for Iowa Lease Agreements

There are various disclosures and addendums that must be contained within IA lease agreementswhen they are completed and signed. These are made to inform the tenant about any health risks, potential issues, or details about how the property is managed. 

The list below includes the essential addendums in Iowa: 

  • Lead paint disclosure: Landlords must disclose whether lead paint can be found on the property (if the building was constructed before 1978). 

  • Agent/owner identification: An essential section including the contact information of the landlord or the chosen agent who will manage the property on their behalf. 

  • Shared utilities: Tenants must be informed if there are any shared utility charges as well as the rate at which these are calculated and billed.

  • Environmental protection: If the property is listed within the CERCLA database provided by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, this must be specified in the lease agreement. 

Iowa Lease Agreement Laws

For anIowa lease agreement to be legally binding and valid, it must be written according to the laws of IA state. If this is not done properly, the contract will be legally contestable and could be declared invalid when put under scrutiny. These rules will also determine what kind of procedures and terms you may ask the tenant to abide by.

The overview below includes the most important laws to consider when renting a property in Iowa: 

Law Specifics
Security deposit The maximum security deposit that can be charged in IA, is two months’ rent if the property is a non-rent control unit. This amount must be given back to the tenant within 30 days after they vacate the property and return the keys. If any deductions will be taken from the security deposit, the tenant must be informed of these in advance.(§562A.12)
Landlord’s right to enter 24 hours’ advance notice must be given by landlords before entering the rental property. (IA Code Section 562A.19, 29, and 35)

For more specific information on IA lease agreements, consult the Iowa landlord and tenant laws

Iowa Residential Lease Agreement Sample

Creating and putting a lease agreement into action in Iowa is a major commitment. It can help to explore an example template first to get a clear idea of what information should be found in your completed document. Our sample IA lease agreement below can help you understand the details included in this legal arrangement a little better.

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Other Real Estate Documents

Besides lease agreements, there are various other legal documents that are commonly used by landlords. If you are the owner of a rental property, one of the following forms may be helpful for you: 

FAQs About Iowa Lease Agreements

It is important to carefully prepare an IA lease agreement to suit the needs of the landlord and tenant exactly. To help demystify the process a little simply review our FAQs below to learn more about the specificities of rental contracts in Iowa.

Lease Agreement or Rental Agreement?

There is a key difference between an Iowa lease agreement and an Iowa rental agreement, which is the length of duration that they each cover.

Lease agreements are normally longer-term arrangements that can last several months or even years, in which their terms remain fixed. Rental agreements on the other hand are shorter-term in nature but are more flexible and may be changed on a weekly or monthly basis.

Can a Lease Be Negotiated in Iowa?

Yes, an IA residential lease agreement can be negotiated before it is signed. The landlord and tenant will usually discuss the terms before the agreement is put into action. However, once a lease agreement is signed it cannot be altered until it comes to its natural end or is canceled.

When Can a Landlord Change The Lease?

Usually, an IA lease agreement cannot be changed once it is signed. Its terms will remain fixed until it reaches its agreed expiration date or it is terminated due to a violation by either party. 

With a rental agreement or month-by-month tenancy, however, the terms of the agreement can potentially be changed each rental period. This means the landlord can amend or end the terms of the contract every 30 days if they wish. 

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