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Oregon Bill of Sale

An Oregon Bill of Sale is a legal document that allows buyers to transfer ownership of a valuable asset to a seller.

It contains key information about the items being sold such as the:

  • Name of the buyer
  • Name of the seller
  • Sale price
  • Description of the item for sale
  • Registration details (if necessary)
  • Warranties made by the seller
  • Buyer and seller signatures

The use of the bill guarantees that the sale has been carried out with the correct consent from both the buyer and seller. It is also used to show that the sale has been carried out within the laws and statutes of the state of Oregon.

Types of Oregon Bills of Sale

A Bill of Sale can be modified and prepared to sell many different types of goods from motor vehicles to animal livestock.

For the sale of some items, a Bill of Sale is mandatory by Oregon state law in order to transfer the title of the asset. This is the case for cars, boats, and motorcycles.

In Oregon, there are multiple types of Bill of Sale that can be used to legally sell valuable items, including:

Generic Bill of Sale in Oregon

A generic Oregon Bill of Sale is a standardized legal form that can be used to sell a multitude of different valuable personal items.

It can also be known as a:

  • Simple Bill of Sale
  • General Bill of Sale

This kind of Bill of Sale differs from specific types of sale documents used to transfer ownership of vehicles or livestock. In this case, it can be customized to describe the specific asset being sold.

It is possible to prepare this kind of document as an as-is Bill of Sale or with warranties of condition and/or ownership provided.

Sample Oregon Bill of Sale

Before starting a personalized Oregon Bill of Sale, it’s helpful to have a clear idea of how your final document should look. This will help you plan and customize a sales document of your own.

Use our example document below to get a better grasp of how a properly prepared Oregon Bill of Sale should appear.

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Oregon Car Bill of Sale PDF Template

Oregon Vehicle Bill of Sale

If you are selling a car or motorcycle in Oregon, a motor vehicle Bill of Sale and an odometer statement are necessary to complete the purchase and update the registration at the DMV.

This is an essential part of a vehicle sale in the state, as the details of transferring the ownership must be documented officially before the change of title can be made.

How To Register a Vehicle in Oregon

Once a sale of a vehicle has been carried out the new owner must update the title and registration information of the vehicle with the DMV. The change of title must be made within 30 days of the date of purchase by Oregon law, or the buyer could receive a late title transfer fee.

To carry out the change of registration details, a completed Oregon vehicle Bill of Sale and Form 735-6890, Notice of a Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle must be completed.

To register a vehicle in Oregon, other required documents include:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Payment of all licensing, title and registration fees.
  • Proof of compliance with Oregon’s minimum insurance requirements.
  • Odometer disclosure statement (for vehicles 10 years old or less).
  • Low Emissions Vehicle Requirement.
  • Declaration of Exemption.
  • New vehicles also require original ownership documents.
  • Used cars need a Vehicle Identification Number Inspection and a Certificate of Compliance for passing an emissions test.
  • Transfers of ownership within Oregon require the original title or a replacement, bills of sale from previous owners, and a Certificate of Compliance (for vehicles older than model year 2018).
  • Customs and Border Protection Form 7501
  • Proof of foreign lien release with Form 735-6436
  • Inherited vehicles require proof of death and probate status.
  • Vehicles with a lien must have a lien release.
  • If an agent is buying the car, a Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney form.

The completed forms then should be submitted to the DMV either in person, by mail, or online.

Oregon Boat Bill of Sale

An Oregon Bill of Sale for a boat is optimized to contain all the information necessary to sell a boat or watercraft.

It details information about the vehicle such as its:

  • Make/model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Engine specifications
  • HIN (Hull Identification Number)
  • Odometer reading

How To Register a Boat

After a boat has been purchased with an Oregon Bill of Sale, the new owner must update its registration and title with the DMV in the state.

Oregon’s boat registration requirements include presenting the completed and signed Bill of Sale, along with Form 250-R07, Application for Boat Title or Registration.

Oregon Motorcycle Bill of Sale

A motorcycle Bill of Sale for Oregon can be quickly prepared to transfer ownership of a motorcycle from a buyer to a seller.

On this document, the seller can detail essential information about the motorcycle for sale, such as its:

  • Make/model
  • Year of construction
  • Engine size and specifications
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Odometer reading

How To Register a Motorcycle

Once a motorcycle has been sold and the title needs to be changed it is necessary to update its registration and title with the local DMV.

To do so, owners must present the motorcycle Bill of Sale along with Form 735-6890 to the DMV.

This can be done by making a title appointment with a local office, online, or by mailing the documentation and fees to:

Oregon DMV 1905 Lana Ave NE Salem OR 97314

Oregon Trailer Bill of Sale

A trailer or RV Bill of Sale is used to sell can be used to sell a motor trailer, travel trailer, or boat trailer in the state of Oregon.

In order to complete this legal document, you will need to detail a trailer’s:

  • Make/model
  • Year of manufacture
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number

How To Register a Trailer

A trailer in Oregon does not need to have a title or registration if it has a loaded weight of 1,800 pounds or less. However, for others over this weight, it is necessary to register and update the title if you do not have the title already.

To do so it is necessary to submit the completed trailer Bill of Sale and Form 735-6890 to a local Oregon DMV branch, online, or by mail to the DMV HQ in Salem.

FAQs About Oregon Bill of Sale Forms

It’s important to know what you’re signing when a Bill of Sale is put to use. If you’re still unsure about some of the uses and specifics of an Oregon Bill of Sale our FAQs below can help you find the answers you need.

What Paperwork Is Needed to Sell a Car in Oregon?

To sell a car in Oregon the seller needs to complete a Bill of Sale with the buyer’s information. Once this has been filled in and signed, it is also necessary to update the title on the vehicle at the DMV using Form 735-6890, Notice of a Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle.

How Do I Write a Bill of Sale in Oregon?

You can create an Oregon Bill of Sale quickly and easily online with the help of our online legal document generator as a reliable base. This will walk you through the key information you need to include and provide essential explanations of what each part of the document does.

It is also possible to get a standardized Bill of Sale form from the Oregon DMV. It’s recommended to have your Bill of Sale reviewed by a lawyer to make sure it is compliant.

What to Do if You Lost Your Oregon Bill of Sale?

If you lose the original Oregon Bill of Sale from your car you won’t need to do anything as long as you also have the title certificate.

If however, you lose the Bill of Sale before updating the title, you won’t be able to prove ownership to change the name on the title. You may then have to request a copy of the sale document from the original seller.

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Oregon Car Bill of Sale PDF Template

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