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LawDistrict Team

LawDistrict Team

Specialist Writers

Our team consists of authoritative writers and expert legal counsel. Thanks to our experience in various fields of law, we offer first-rate legal advice. We work hard to bring you crucial information, knowledge, and the latest news about legal documents, contracts, and changes in the law you must know before creating your own essential forms.

Our goal is to make sure you’re empowered and informed to confidently and securely navigate any legal task, no matter what state you live in.

Thanks to our website and writers, you can find informative articles on:

  • Business: Business Plans and different types of business agreements.
  • Employment: Contracts and other legal documents essential to employees and employers.
  • Finance: Important information in regard to what forms are needed to manage your money or your company’s earnings.
  • Personal and Family Law: Any information related to family matters, such as end-of-life requests or Divorce agreements.
  • Real Estate: Useful legal documents for landlords and tenants. For example, when dealing with an eviction or Lease Agreement.

Articles written by LawDistrict Team

C Corporation vs LLC: How to Choose?
A C corporation is a U.S. business structure in which the shareholders or owners are taxed separately from the business entity. An S corportation...
What Can We Learn About Estate Planning from Succession
Estate planning is crucial for individuals and families to ensure a smooth transition of wealth and asset distribution. Due to poor planning, this...
Trustor vs Trustee in Living Trust
The trustor (or settlor) is the individual, married couple, or organization that creates a trust. The trustee is the individual who is responsible...
Rental Application Fees by State
Most landlords charge an application fee to help cover the costs of the tenant screening process that takes time and money. This charge is above...
Pros and Cons of Using AI in Your Legal Documents
Keep reading to get information on how artificial intelligence is currently developing, the advantages and disadvantages of AI in law, and how...
Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement Legally Binding?
An NDA is a great way to protect confidential information. However, people sometimes wonder if a non-disclosure agreement is legally binding for...
How to Terminate a Non-Disclosure Agreement
From restaurants to tech companies, many businesses have trade secrets or confidential information that they share with their employees. However...
Trademark vs Copyright: When to Use Each
You’re probably accustomed to seeing the trademark symbols, ™ and ®, as well as the emblem, ©, which indicates a copyrighted work. But do you...
Alimony vs Child Support: Definitions and Differences
When a couple enters into a divorce agreement, they need to decide on the division of their combined assets and responsibilities.
Eviction Process in North Carolina 2023
The eviction process in NC in 2023 follows a structured path; it’s not just a whim of the landlord. There should be a notice that warns...