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LawDistrict Team

LawDistrict Team

Specialist Writers

Our team consists of authoritative writers and expert legal counsel. Thanks to our experience in various fields of law, we offer first-rate legal advice. We work hard to bring you crucial information, knowledge, and the latest news about legal documents, contracts, and changes in the law you must know before creating your own essential forms.

Our goal is to make sure you’re empowered and informed to confidently and securely navigate any legal task, no matter what state you live in.

Thanks to our website and writers, you can find informative articles on:

  • Business: Business Plans and different types of business agreements.
  • Employment: Contracts and other legal documents essential to employees and employers.
  • Finance: Important information in regard to what forms are needed to manage your money or your company’s earnings.
  • Personal and Family Law: Any information related to family matters, such as end-of-life requests or Divorce agreements.
  • Real Estate: Useful legal documents for landlords and tenants. For example, when dealing with an eviction or Lease Agreement.

Articles written by LawDistrict Team

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Below we explain everything you need to know in order to take into account and how to obtain the letter of testamentary.
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Respect for Marriage Act: What Is It?
The Respect for Marriage Act ensures same-sex marriage and interracial marrige the formal recognition across all 50 states.
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In the U.S., landlords and tenants must each comply with a set of federal regulations and state laws that vary according to where the property is...
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A C corporation is a U.S. business structure in which the shareholders or owners are taxed separately from the business entity. An S corportation...
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t’s a topic that no one likes to think about. But do you know who will make decisions about your property, finances, or medical care if you...
Essential Employment Contract Provisions
Contract provisions are individual clauses found within a contract. Each provision explains a specific part of a contract that provides a duty or...
7 Types of Secure Promissory Notes
A promissory note is essentially a promise to pay. It is a contract between two parties, in which one party promises to pay the other party a...
Bill of Exchange VS Promissory Note
Learning the differences between the two main legal documents requiring the repayment of a debt by an individual is important.
Rental Application Fees by State
Most landlords charge an application fee to help cover the costs of the tenant screening process that takes time and money. This charge is above...