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Dena Standley

Dena Standley

Legal Content Writer

Dena Standley is a former paralegal with over seven years of experience in the legal field. She now specializes in legal writing and is passionate about helping law firms and other businesses refine their brand voice.

Dena is also a content strategist skilled in content marketing.

Articles written by Dena Standley

Comprehensive Overview of the Protection of Privacy Laws in the U.S.
Your business must comply with the evolving U.S. state privacy laws, but before we present a breakdown of these laws by state, we should talk about...
How to Avoid Costly Estate Planning Mistakes
Knowing the most common estate planning pitfalls will help you cover any loopholes others may exploit or limit the financial burden your loved ones...
Right-to-Work Laws: Pros and Cons
Right-to-work laws provide a guarantee that no one can be compelled to join a union as a condition of employment and prevent contracts requiring...
State Employment Termination Laws: A Complete Overview
Employment termination laws expand federal laws for additional protections to employees. These laws govern wages, commissions, and hiring/firing...
Checklist for Planning Your Estate
Estate planning is the process of organizing for the orderly transfer of properties after death.
5 Legal Reasons a Landlord Can Deduct From a Security Deposit
The security deposit also ensures any significant damage a tenant causes can be repaired by the landlord without losing their revenue.
Gun Control Laws By State
Obama's first year as president marked an inflection point: More firearms were in circulation than people in the country for the first time.
Affidavit vs. Deposition: Differences and Examples
Attorneys frequently remind witnesses they are under oath and can be charged with perjury if they lie on the witness stand.
Florida Eviction Process: Guide for Landlords
Florida has detailed laws and procedures regarding the eviction process. For instance, you must know the type of notice to serve and the proper way...
Power of Attorney Requirements in Texas
In Texas, the law does not require hiring an attorney to draft the POA. You can do it yourself. The caveat is that you must follow Texas requirements