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Dena Standley

Dena Standley

Legal Content Writer

Dena Standley is a former paralegal with over seven years of experience in the legal field. She now specializes in legal writing and is passionate about helping law firms and other businesses refine their brand voice.

Dena is also a content strategist skilled in content marketing.

Articles written by Dena Standley

How to Create a Contract Amendment
When you need to modify a contract, you do not have to create a new document. In these cases, making a contract amendment is legally sufficient.
How Do I Get An Annulment?
An annulment works best if the union began under unlawful circumstances or certain illegalities were present. Find out how long you have to act to get
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A used car warranty covers repairs that may occur due to normal wear and tear, but the coverage depends on the warranty type and provider. However...
A Complete Guide to Understanding DMV Release of Liability
When you own a car, you are responsible for all of its liabilities. This fact applies even if someone else was driving that day. So if a friend or...
Different Types of Divorce in the US
When a couple decides to get a divorce, it begins either a long journey full of frustrations or a relatively calm period where both parties agree...
Who Gets the Pets in Divorce?
A couple new to seeking a divorce may be surprised to discover that most states treat pets as propert the person who bought the pet is likely to get.
How to Write a Friendly Rent Increase Letter
A rent increase letter serves two purposes: informing the tenant of the increase and officially documenting it. When writing a rent increase letter...
Understanding and Solving Child Custody Issues in Divorce
Every parent has a right to be present in their child's life and to decide what is best for them. Divorce disrupts these rights as the separated...
Guide For a Fair and Dependable 50/50 Custody Schedule
Developing a custody schedule is among the most challenging processes for parents going through a divorce.or separation encounter. The custody...
Top 5 States to Incorporate a Business
You should consider several factors when choosing the state you will incorporate, including the cost of formation, post-formation fees, tax laws...