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Dena Standley

Dena Standley

Legal Content Writer

Dena Standley is a former paralegal with over seven years of experience in the legal field. She now specializes in legal writing and is passionate about helping law firms and other businesses refine their brand voice.

Dena is also a content strategist skilled in content marketing.

Articles written by Dena Standley

How To Write a Legal Brief
A legal brief is a legal document that is an official filing in a lawsuit that can be drafted and signed by any party to the case.
How to Write a Resignation Letter with Immediate Effect
If you need to leave your employment immediately, you can still act in a professional manner. The best way to maintain your professionalism is by...
Under Contract vs. Pending in Real Estate Transactions
There is a misconception that "under contract" or "pending sale" means the home is off the market, which might not be the case.
What Is a Credit Reference on a Rental Application?
A credit reference on a rental application is any information vouching for your creditworthiness as a tenant. You might turn to your credit card...
How to Get a Title for a Boat Without a Title
Depending on the state, there are different requirements for registering a boat without a title. For boats manufactured before a specific date or...
How to Screen Tenants for Rental Properties in 6 Steps
The right screening process may seem complicated initially, but it helps landlords protect their investments and increase profits. A solid tenant...
Right-to-Work Laws: Pros and Cons
Right-to-work laws provide a guarantee that no one can be compelled to join a union as a condition of employment and prevent contracts requiring...
What Are the Essential Duties of a Trustee?
A trustee's responsibility is to administer the grantor's wishes to a third party on behalf of the grantor, usually a lawyer, accountant, or family...
How Do I Transfer Ownership of a Property?
Transferring ownership can be a complicated process involving many steps, from signing a contract to preparing closing documents.
What States Have Limitations for Non-Disclosure Agreements?
Some workers' advocates warn that banning NDAs completely could have unintended negative consequences for those harassed at work.