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Resignation occurs when an employee leaves their organization or job. This differs from being terminated involuntarily or if one leaves a position at the end of an employment contract or term.

In fact, whether an employee resigned or was terminated can be a contentious topic. This is because in many contracts employees are eligible for certain benefits upon termination which may not be available if they resign.

When deciding how to leave a job, providing a formal resignation with sufficient notice is an effective way to maintain a good professional relationship with your company. This can be especially helpful if you require references for your next position of employment.

Read on to learn about the main motivations behind resigning, and how to respectfully leave a position without severing ties with your current company.

Reasons to Resign from Your Job

The reasons for leaving a job position will usually differ vastly from person to person. However, regardless of the situation in question, resigning typically happens for a specific personal benefit or cause.

Below are some of the most common reasons for resignation:

  • New job offer
  • Moving country or city
  • Training or development
  • Career change
  • Conflicts with personal life or schedule

How to Resign from a Job?

Quitting a job can be a stressful situation for many. It’s normal to have doubts what kind of impression you will leave on your colleagues, team and company. This is why it’s important to know how to quit your job in a considerate manner, giving sufficient notice and remaining on good terms with your old office.

Use the following steps to ensure you maintain positive relations with your place of employment:

  1. Choose the date that you wish to resign
  2. Ensure that you can give at least two weeks notice
  3. Write a resignation letter
  4. Give appropriate motivations for your departure
  5. Finish up any last projects
  6. Express gratitude for your experiences at the company

Resignations are never easy, but taking into consideration the above information, you can make a smooth transition into your next position while leaving your company or corporation professionally.