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Helpful Legal Articles

We’ve collected together our most helpful legal articles, resources and guides to support you at any stage of creating bespoke legal instruments from scratch.
Differences Between Property Deeds and Titles
When you are involved in any real estate transactions, there will be terms you constantly hear, such as title and deed.
What is Good Cause Eviction: Pros and Cons
A Good Cause Eviction Law seeks to limit evictions to only those with just reasons stated under the law. Each state has its own eviction procedures...
Can a Power of Attorney Change a Will?
Under the terms of a POA, the agent can have broad or limited powers, ranging from the mundane to the specialized, such as managing the agent’s...
How Much Does it Cost to File for Bankruptcy: 2022
As people who are considering bankruptcy tend to have money problems, one of their biggest concerns is how much it will cost them.
Differences Between a Will and Living Will
a will and a living will have distinctly different purposes. One document only becomes effective once you are no longer among the living. The other...
What You Should Know Before Signing an NDA
Anytime you are asked to sign a contract, you should make sure you understand precisely what you are agreeing to and what the implications.