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Helpful Legal Articles

We’ve collected together our most helpful legal articles, resources and guides to support you at any stage of creating bespoke legal instruments from scratch.
New York Eviction Process: Rules and Timeline
Evicting a tenant in New York involves following strict rules and adhering to a specific timeline. Whether you're a seasoned landlord or a first-time
Business Power of Attorney: A Guide to Protecting Your Business Interests
A Business Power of Attorney (BPOA) is a legal document that allows individuals or entities to act on behalf of businesses. An individual or entity...
Understanding Surrogate Decision Maker and Advance
Understanding advance directive forms and the role of a surrogate decision-maker is essential for individuals and families to ensure the medical...
What Can We Learn About Estate Planning from Succession
Estate planning is crucial for individuals and families to ensure a smooth transition of wealth and asset distribution. Due to poor planning, this...
How Does a Lemon Law Work: Quick Guide for Lemon Cars
A lemon car is a vehicle with recurring defects that impacts its safety, usability, and value. These defects include issues with: engines, brakes,...
What Is Work for Hire and How Does it Work?
Work for hire occurs when a business contracts an individual to create something valuable, and they give up the right to own the creation.