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Helpful Legal Articles

We’ve collected together our most helpful legal articles, resources and guides to support you at any stage of creating bespoke legal instruments from scratch.
Guide for a Successful Rental Application Process

In a hot rental market, standing out on your rental application can mean the difference between landing your dream space and ending up taking w...

How to Create a Work From Home Policy

Before March 2020, about 17 percent of Americans worked from home five days or more per week in the U.S. However, as pandemic lockdowns spread ac...

Law Day 2021: What to Expect and How to Celebrate

Law Day 2021 is nearly upon us once again. After an unprecedented 12 months for the legal industry, the event is returning with a new campaign t...

Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement Legally Binding?

An NDA is a great way to protect confidential information. However, people sometimes wonder if a non-disclosure agreement is legally binding...