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Helpful Legal Articles

We’ve collected together our most helpful legal articles, resources and guides to support you at any stage of creating bespoke legal instruments from scratch.
Why Is There a Teacher Resignation Crisis?
A mass walkout is taking place across the country among teachers. School districts are struggling to fill teacher vacancies.
7 Types of Secure Promissory Notes
A promissory note is essentially a promise to pay. It is a contract between two parties, in which one party promises to pay the other party a...
Pay Transparency Laws: States Required to Provide Salary Ranges
There is a growing trend of lawmakers and employees working together to enact laws enhancing employee rights on pay transparency.
Dissolving a Partnership Agreement in Five Easy Steps
The sun rises, the sun must also set. The same can be said for business arrangements, such as when you need to dissolve a partnership agreement.
Florida Quitclaim Deeds: All You Need to Know
A quitclaim deed is a convenient method. A quitclaim deed allows someone to transfer their ownership interest in a property without...
What States Have Limitations for Non-Disclosure Agreements?
Some workers' advocates warn that banning NDAs completely could have unintended negative consequences for those harassed at work.